Apigee Partners with SAP on Integrated API Management Solution

SAP is jumping in with both feet into enterprise APIs.  The enterprise software firm has signed an OEM and reseller agreement with API technology platform provider Apigee. Under the deal, SAP will offer its cloud and on-premises customers a product to be called SAP API Management.

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SAP is jumping in with both feet into enterprise APIs. The enterprise software firm has signed an OEM and reseller agreement with API technology platform provider Apigee.


Under the deal, SAP will offer its cloud and on-premises customers a comprehensive API management product to be called SAP API Management. The new product is based on the Apigee Edge digital acceleration platform. The company say SAP API Management will be available as a cloud solution on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and also as an on-premises solution.


Thanks to Apigee Edge technology, SAP aims to help customers advance their mobile initiatives by extending their SAP investments – using digital assets to increase their customer, partner, and developer relationships to impact market opportunities and revenue, said Apigee CEO Chet Kapoor.


The agreement will speed the adoption of APIs, enabling companies to become digital businesses, he added. A key to API adoption is Agiee’s attention to the API lifecycle, including design, test, launch and management – including a framework for security, authorization, and the ability to throttle traffic moving through an API in order to avoid overloading back-end systems.


An SAP exec noted APIs are becoming more important to enterprise projects that require app and data sharing, such as mobility and big data, “Businesses are increasingly recognizing APIs as a key ingredient to participate in the digital economy,” Björn Goerke, SAP executive vice president and corporate officer for SAP’s Product & Innovation Technology unit said in a statement.

Goerke went on to explain how Apigees API technology will prove a strategic enhancement to the SAPA HANA platform.


"Today’s announcement is a great example of how the SAP HANA platform and our ecosystem of partners can help provide a more powerful combination for customers preparing for the digital future by leveraging their digital assets and making them consumable by their customers and the larger ecosystem. We look forward to helping SAP customers and their businesses tap into the value creation through controlled API management with Apigee.”

Inside Apigee’s API Technology Portfolio

Apigee Edge API platform can help businesses build and operate “end-to-end” digital and mobile services using APIs, apps and data. Apigee Edge also provides end-to-end visibility to app and API programs.


Apigee Edge includes three components:

  • API Services: Using the data exchanged through the value chain and the tools provided in Apigee Edge, extract valuable insights to make effective business decisions and improve IT responsiveness.
    • Get real-time data on the health and performance of APIs and apps.
    • Identify app performance bottlenecks by network, carrier, app version and configuration.
    • Respond to customers and market changes faster to increase use satisfaction
  • Developer Services: A range of dev features aim to accelerate API projects via easy learning, automation and simplified API discovery. Apigee also includes ways to quick monetize APIs, including plans for individuals devs communities and enterprise adopters, Among the details, Apigee Edge provides:
    • A complete developer portal to drive adoption.
    • Built-in community tools to engage devs.
    • Self-service dev on-boarding.
  • Analytics Services: Enable end-to-end visibility across the digital value chain with unified operational, dev, app performance, and business metrics that are required to monitor, measure, and manage success.
    • Transform from any API protocol to any other, including SOAP, REST, JSON, XML binary, or custom protocol.
    • Use the built-in backend-as-a-service to enable new data services such as social graphs, geo-location, and push notifications with a cloud scale datastore.
    • Manage access to APIs via OAuth or other security schemes
    • Protect against XML-specific threats and sensitive data exposure.
    • Manage API versioning with a virtualization layer that abstracts customers from your API.
    • Control and throttle API traffic using quotas or create a “safety valve” using API rate-limiting.

An add-on for big data, Apigee Insights, is also available.

Apigee will be hosting its “I love APIs” conference from 8 -10 September in San Francisco.