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Integration Developer News, launched in 2002, is a leading electronic newsletter (circulation 78,000) for IT and business stakeholders working to build, deliver and manage digital transformation.


IDN creates original content and has produced more than 70 multi-vendor online conferences for Big Data & Analytics, BPM, Cloud, Data Integration, Enterprise Security, Mobile + IoT and SOA Infrastructure.


IDN’s audience includes C-Level Execs, Software Architects,Middleware Professionals, IT Operations and LOB Managers.


Our Online Conference Program include:

  • Mobile + IoT Summit
    Your Guide to Building the Connected World
    Mobile + IoT Summit focuses on how to make apps, data and users ready for the ‘connected world’. Topics include: agile platforms, low-code tools, easy integration and rock-solid security.
    Move from Automation to Smart Apps, Processes and Platforms
    BPM-CON showcases today’s revolution in Business Process Management. Top experts share success secrets for building and delivering a new wave of intelligent apps that drive workflow, automate processes and provide real-time insights.
  • Enterprise Security Summit
    Identify, Neutralize and Predict Threats to Enterprise Apps & Data
    Enterprise Security Summit is where top software experts present technologies and Best Practices to protect modern business apps and data in today’s digital enterprise – across cloud, mobile, web and IoT.
  • Big Data In Motion Summit
    Data & Analytics for Insights, Intelligence & Operations
    Big Data In Motion Summit explores how F2000 architects and developers work together to deliver rich analytics and insights from exploding volumes and varieties of data..
  • CLOUD-CON: Integration & APIs
    Enterprise-Grade Integration Across Cloud and On-Premise
    CLOUD-CON: Integration & APIs focuses on how to design and deliver the ‘next generation’ integrated enterprise - across on-premises, cloud, SaaS and trusted outside communities.
  • Enterprise Integration Summit
    2016 Trends in APIs, SOA and Enterprise Architecture
    Enterprise Integration Summit highlights how modern integration technologies are the key enablers for digital business success. Attendees will learn how to design & deliver fast and reliable apps for APIs, Big Data, IoT, SaaS and Mobile.


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