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Integration Developer News, launched in 2002, is the leading electronic newsletter (circulation 78,000) for enterprise architects, middleware developers and integration professionals interested in design-to-deployment phases for leading integration topics.


IDN creates original content and has produced more than 50 multi-vendor online conferences for BPM, Cloud, Data Integration, Mobile IT and SOA Infrastructure. IDN’s audience includes C-Level Execs, Software Architects,Middleware Professionals, IT Operations and LOB Managers.


Our Online Conference Program include:

  • Mobile IT Summit
    Mobile Solutions For Customers and Enterprise IT
    Mobile IT Summit is a multi-vendor online event designed to help IT professionals (CIOs, architects, integration professionals and developers) learn how top F1000s are architecting, deploying and managing varied mobile IT solutions.

    Learn How BPM Can Deliver Quick ROI & Long-Term Success
    BPM-CON is a multi-vendor online event where top Business Process Management experts will discuss how today’s BPM is much easier to build, deploy and use – with less cost and complexity. See how firms are gaining better outcomes and ROI thanks to BPM’s latest drag-and-drop tools, smarter analytics, broader integration and support for mobile, cloud and social collaboration.

  • CyberSecurity Summit
    CyberSecurity Summit is an online multi-vendor event that will show IT professionals how to overcome roadblocks to enterprise cloud success, including Security, Management, Operations, SLAs and App Migration & Integration.

  • Big Data In Motion Summit
    Manage Expanding Data Volumes for Analytics and Operations
    Big Data In Motion Summit is a multi-vendor online event where top experts will show how they deliver on the promise of the data-driven enterprise. Top Executives, Architects and Data Professionals will learn how to increase the business value of their Big Data projects. Discussions will include: Analytics, Cloud, Integration and Savvy Dashboards.


  • CLOUD-CON: Integration & Web APIs
    Enterprise-Grade Integration Across Cloud and On-Premise
    CLOUD-CON: Integration & Web APIs is a multi-vendor online event focused on delivering integration between on-premise, cloud, SaaS and trusted outside communities. Experts will discuss API Management, Cloud / SaaS Integration, Federated Identity, Master Data Management and more.


  • SOA & APIs Summit
    SOA Applications and Integration for the Agile Business
    SOA Summit is a multi-vendor online lead-gen event where industry experts will show how SOA and APIs are transforming the way F1000s think about IT and business models. Attendees will learn how to optimize their infrastructure, apps and data for the ‘Extended Enterprise’ and support cloud, SaaS, mobile and API-driven business.


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