Informatica Cloud Improves Ties Between Salesforce CRM, Microsoft ERP at Pac-Van

Pac-Van, a provider of permanent and portable buildings and storage containers, is using Informatica Cloud to automate and accelerate integration between sales, CRM and fulfillment systems.  The project lets Pac-Vac automate and accelerate data sync between Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and the McGraw-Hill Construction’s Dodge Network.

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informaticacloud_01Pac-Van, a provider of permanent and portable buildings and storage containers, is using Informatica Cloud to automate and accelerate integration between sales, CRM and fulfillment systems.


Specifically, the project lets Pac-Vac tie together Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and McGraw-Hill Construction’s Dodge Network. Informatica Cloud automatically and frequently synchronizes account, opportunity, quote and tax information across its Microsoft Dynamics NAV system-of-record and Salesforce CRM.


The Informatica Cloud also lets Pac-Vac automatically integrate all its new construction data from Dodge Network into Salesforce CRM. This provides its sales team with close to 1,000 new leads or updates daily, according to Jay Moore, Pac-Van’s new media marketing associate and administrator. 


The Informatica Cloud’s agile integration also allows Pac-Van to conduct frequent data updates across various sales and finance systems (in 20-minute, hourly or daily intervals), Moore added.


It took Pac-Van under a week to go live with its initial Informatica Cloud implementation. In fact, this combination of quick-to-deploy and easy-to-maintain data integration across multiple systems was a key driver in the decision to fund the project, according to Moore. 


“Having Informatica Cloud implemented quickly and ready to go before deploying to our sales team was key to the success of our CRM initiative,” Moore said in a statement. “Otherwise, our sales reps would have been in two separate systems and user adoption of Salesforce CRM would have been low.”


Overall, Informatica brings Pac-Van adaptability and dependability, which are essential for keeping users happy with the way things are working across its key business systems and processes, Moore added.


At Pac-Van, Informatica Cloud is already providing these measurable benefits:


Non-IT users can do “self-service” data integration – Pac-Van’s business users can easily create custom data transformations, mappings and workflows; schedule data imports and exports; and easily launch small batch updates – all to support unique business processes and rapid business change


Wider and more impactful use of Salesforce CRM   – Informatica Cloud’s automated data integration and bi-directional data synchronization features have let Pac-Van improve user adoption of Salesforce CRM, and help ensure users get maximum value from its use. Business users can now use Salesforce CRM as a one-stop service for many of the company’s key business processes, all the way from initial quotes to customer service and even collections


Improved Sarbanes–Oxley (SOX) compliance – Informatica Cloud also lets Pac-Van maintain data continuity and data quality across multiple key systems, including Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This data consistency has improved SOX compliance activities at Pac-Van


Near zero downtime – Available as a multi-tenant cloud service, Informatica Cloud is architected to support Pac-Van’s business processes 24x7, with virtually zero downtime;


Elimination of “manual” workarounds  – Pac-Van has been able to eliminate many manual data processes, which are both labor-intensive and error-prone. In one notable example, the manual entry of new account data into Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been totally eliminated.


In January, Informatica  will ship an upgrade to its cloud integration offering. Informatica Cloud Winter 2012 adds simplicity and reliability with wizard-driven contact validation for better data quality, community sharing of cloud connectors, and real-time integration with and


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