Openmake Tunes Meister to Automate Cloud Provisioning

OpenMake is shipping an update to its Meister with automatic cloud provisioning to give customers a consolidated platform for managing a software release from build through production release.

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cloud_proOpenMake is shipping an update to its Meister with automatic cloud provisioning to give customers a consolidated platform for managing a software release from build through production release.

The new Meister 7.4 also sports server pooling and enhanced history and trend reporting. All features aim to extend the centralized control over build-to-release process for cloud-based projects, providing IT a more integrated solution for managing the full build-to-deploy process.
Meister is designed as a comprehensive framework for addressing the entire DevOps challenge, enabling teams to coordinate, communicate and control the software build, test and deploy processes.  Meister looks to guarantee that test and deploy activities are not impacted by "bad" builds. 
“Our customers have fully automated their build process, eliminating error-prone build script,” said Steve Taylor, CTO, OpenMake Software, in a statement. “Now they can do the same with the deployment process, further minimizing the risk associated to the release process.”

Meister’s granular automation, even down to each individual step in the compile and link process, offers a high level of control.  Further, Meister’s scripted builds hide the critical logic and details of how the software is constructed but can expose these details, as needed, so that all stakeholders and team members can see and understand what they need, and eliminate error-prone scripts.

Early users also find strong benefits. “Meister completes the configuration management process through its central build capabilities allowing [us] to fully control all internal and external software assets within our fast evolving J2EE world,” according to Fortis Bank’s Matthias Pyck.

Meister’s core features include:

Cloud-Ready Continuous Integration -  To enable teams to automate complex build, test and deploy processes that are tailored to specific needs, rather than forcing teams to adjust their process to fit their build tool. By taking advantage of virtual and cloud computing environments, Meister's build management solution let teams respond quickly to today’s fast moving enterprise development and life cycle challenges.

Build Acceleration – To control dependencies at multiple levels (from source through library ordering). This allows teams to accelerates builds and implement agile and other fast-moving development processes. Meister further accelerates builds by determining which steps can be performed in parallel – taking full advantage of separate processors on multi-core machines.   

Incremental Build – To manage a change as small as one file, avoiding the expense and risk of doing full builds and full releases.  Instead of rebuilding and re-deploying hundreds of files, Meister can reduce it down to only the files that have been impacted by the change in all popular languages, including Java, .Net, C, C# and C++.
Build and Deploy Standardization – Allows IT to standardize build and deploy processes by centralizing control into one location. This also eliminates non-standard manual scripts.
Advanced Metrics and Reporting – To go beyond basic logs to provide actionable analytic data, such as impact analysis reports, build audit reports and build difference reports. Meister Insight also reports the dependencies, environment and other critical information about a build. Meister’s Binary Repository tracks the status of a build.

The latest edition of Meister follows Openmake’s launch earlier this year of CloudBuilder, an on-demand provisioning solution for virtual, private and public cloud, allowing IT to coordinate and control virtual build machine configurations on-demand. Devs use CloudBuilder to provision server resources for build, testing and production release. It also allows devs to “rent” virtual machines for performing any number of software builds, see the status of provisioned machines and better manage server resources.

The Meister deployment features have also been extended to OpenMake Software's Mojo Max 7.4.  The latest versions are available for download from