IDN’s Record-Breaking Cloud-Con 90 Returns February 2010

Integration Developer News (IDN) will host the second edition of its attendance record setting Cloud-Con 90 online event series for cloud computing on February 25, 2010.

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Integration Developer News (IDN) will host the second edition of its attendance record setting Cloud-Con 90 online event series for cloud computing on February 25, 2010. 

The debut Cloud-Con 90 held online last summer was a breakthrough event, as more than 2,100 IT professionals registered for this ‘get down to business’ cloud event.  Attendees learned how to assess and quickly implement appropriate cloud solutions for their current business requirements -- all in 90 days or less. 

Registrants included a wide range of sought-after decision makers, including CIOs and IT Management, VPs and LOB Managers, Enterprise Architects, Data Center, Operations, and Integration Professionals.

“Our readers are telling us, 'Enough with cloud theory. Show me the beef.' That approach, combined with IDN’s unique multi-vendor format, will once again draw a large number of IT professionals with management responsibilities across architecture, applications, data and integration,” said Tom Donoghue, Event Producer for Cloud-Con 90.  “IDN readers are early adopters at large companies and they are ready to support many of their  legacy and new applications with the cloud.”     

“We believe providers of cloud solutions can best tap into this pent-up demand for information on cloud by offering users practical information on getting started and how cloud helps pay for itself in quick smart projects,” said Cloud-Con 90 Program Director Vance McCarthy. 

Cloud-Con 90 will continue to bring together top experts with real experience who can detail what type of cloud projects get funded, and what results IT customers value most, McCarthy added. 

Proposed Online Agenda for February 2010 Cloud-Con 90
At January’s Cloud-Con 90, the following business and technology issues will be discussed by leading cloud computing experts:

  1. Cost-justification for cloud computing
  2. Obtaining management buy-in for cloud projects
  3. Getting started with cloud (project selection, training, on-ramping, etc.)
  4. Maintaining enterprise integrity (security, SLA, compliance, etc.)
  5. Success metrics (ROI, visibility, compliance, reduction in cost/manpower, etc.)

For ‘Cloud-Con 90’ Speaking, Sponsorship Information
To participate or to learn more about Cloud-Con 90 (February 25, 2010) contact Tom Donoghue at Integration Developer News at 415-516-2874 or
Cloud-Con 90 Outperformed Online Cloud Events  Offering Attendees a Roadmap to Cloud Success
IDN’s July 2009 Cloud-Con 90 event featured precise advice and enterprise computing case studies focused on these key cloud computing objectives: reduce on-going expenses, increase revenues, or manage growth – all in 90 days or less. 

Expert speakers from HP, IBM and RightScale, (a cloud partner with IBM, Amazon and Microsoft) discussed top ways their customers are using cloud computing to secure ROI for F1000s, mid-market firms and “greenfield” start-ups and the three types of cloud applications – private, public and hybrid.

Cloud-Con 90 summaries and replays from each session are available here.