Magic Software’s Enhanced Integration Platform Facilitates Digital Transformation and IoT Projects

Magic Software is updating its Magic xpi integration platform to support IoT (Internet of Things) projects.   Magic xpi 4.5 sports expanded connectivity capabilities, more user-friendly development tools, on-board support for MQTT and robust in-memory computing.

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Magic Software is updating its Magic xpi integration platform to support IoT (Internet of Things) projects.


With the advent of ‘digital business’ projects jamming inboxes all over IT, organizations need easier and more cost-effective solutions to execute, maintain and modify them, according to Ami Ries, vice president, research and development at Magic Software.


Turning specifically to IoT, such projects present IT specific requirements Magic looks to meet with its Magic xpi 4.5 update, including expanded connectivity capabilities, more user-friendly development tools and robust in-memory computing, Ries said. 


Further, Magic xpi 4.5 provides a code-free, visual approach to accelerate and facilitate integration using a fresh Microsoft Visual Studio-based UI.  It also adds out-of-the-box connectivity for MQTT, a popular IoT protocol and a “Connector Builder” SDK to allow developers to quickly build custom, reusable connectors. 


The Magic xpi platform provides the following key capabilities: 

  • A code-free, drag and drop visual data mapper, rather than the need to perform complex point-to-point hand coding.
  • Enhanced productivity features including: drag & drop flow configuration, Mini Map, Zoom Bar, and the ability to work with multiple open flows and data mappers.
  • A process automation scheduler to support real-time event triggers and automated handling of exceptions and errors.
  • Out-of-the-box connectivity support for MQTT, JSON and WCF.
  • A library of 100+ adapters including pre-built and customizable connectors all certified for leading back-end systems for CRM, ERP and other popular on-prem and cloud apps (including SAP, Salesforce, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics and others). 
  • Enterprise-grade, In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) architecture with built-in clustering, failover and automatic recovery.
  • End-to-end security and encryption inside and outside the firewall.
  • Comprehensive management and monitoring for IT and business users.

The Magic 4.5 xpi integration platform also works with Magic’s End-to-End Enterprise Mobility Solution to help developers with rapid creation and deployment of secure, enterprise-grade mobile business apps.  Magic’s enterprise solutions offer capabilities for app development and MDM (mobile device management).


The vision for Magic 4.5 xpi wasn’t purely about IT needs. There is also a business user dimension.  “When the Internet of Things needs to interface with the world of business for monetization, tracking and control, that's where we see the Magic xpi Integration Platform making a difference. IoT is great, but at some point somebody has to pay for all of this, an invoice needs to be sent, it's just that simple," Magic Software Americas senior vice president Glenn Johnson said in a statement.