Alfresco Supports Digital Transformation with Convergence of BPM and ECM Solutions

Alfresco is looking to provide an open approach to digital transformation with updates to its BPM and enterprise content management solutions. IDN looks at latest versions of Alfresco Activiti and Alfresco One. 

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Alfresco is looking to provide companies an open approach to digital transformation with updates to its BPM and enterprise content management solutions.


With updates to its Alfresco Activiti (BPM) and Alfresco One (ECM) the company is delivering more flexible BPM to let companies meet evolving business process needs, as well as extract more business value from content assets.  


Alfresco is also taking extra steps to integrate Alfresco Activiti and Alfresco One making the case that business process and content are better together. 


The point is illustrated in a recent blog post from Alfresco’s Thomas DeMeo, vice president for product management:

As a product leader, I am grateful to be able to meet with a number of our key customers, partners, developers and users of all types.  These conversations typically bring new insight and reinforce patterns across many of the industries we serve.  One point that consistently comes out since the early days of Alfresco is that every piece of content is typically tied to a business process, and every process typically has an associated piece of content.  Because of this, an integrated content management and business process solution can deliver great value to enterprise and government.


Recent advancements to Alfresco One and Alfresco Activiti provide tighter integration of our platform capabilities, allowing customers to work seamlessly with interoperability across important business functions.


The updates to Alfresco One and Alfresco Activiti provide the ease of deployment and support CIOs and enterprise architects rely on, including platform modularization for easier upgrades, an update assistant for service packs and hot fixes, and SOLR index resilience via sharding and duplication. They also improve upon Alfresco’s modular and scalable architecture with BPM and ECM performance enhancements.

Alfresco co-founder and CTO John Newton underscored the importance of the company’s continued efforts to more seamlessly bring together BPM and ECM.  “This integration (between ECM and BPM) raises the bar across the industry and demonstrates Alfresco’s commitment to providing a better alternative to legacy approaches to how content and processes need to be managed in today’s business environment," he said in a statement. 


Alfresco’s BPM, ECM Newest Features

Alfresco Activiti BPM is designed for organizations that require enterprise-grade scalability, performance and 24x7 support for business-critical activities. New capabilities in Activiti 1.4 include:

  • Enhanced BPMN 2.0 process engine, which allows process forms improvement, process model creation and performance enhancements.
  • No-code development for business rules to automatically drive process decisions.
  • Tighter integration with cloud file sync-and-share solutions, which allows Alfresco to bring process to the cloud world.
  • Mobile support through a dedicated app.


Alfresco offers a free trial of Activiti which can be started here.


Alfresco One ECM is designed for organizations that require enterprise-grade scalability, performance and 24x7 support for business critical content and compliance. New capabilities in Alfresco One 5.1 include:

  • Easy, Content Model Management that allows non-technical users the ability to configure Alfresco to their specific business data model in a "no code" environment that embeds more intelligence into the content being managed.
  • Smart Folders that make it easy for users to access content based on "what it is" rather than "where it is," providing a consumer-like "intelligent playlist" experience.
  • Additional APIs in the core platform that support broader customizations, system reliability and increased flexibility to address a multitude of use cases.
  • Improved usability and search capabilities powered by open-source SOLR technology with advanced administration options to support mass-scale deployments.
  • Updated iOS and Android mobile apps and SDK for further app customizations.
  • Support for native-cloud technologies, like Amazon Aurora.

Alfresco offers a free trial of its ECM, which can be started here.


Partner Support for Development and Test Services

Alfresco’s latest BPM/ECM updates and deeper integration are also gathering support from partners. 


As an example, Ness Software Engineering Services (SES), which has worked with Alfresco for the past two years, says Alfresco latest offerings represent a big step forward in support for users’ digital transformation projects. 


Ness is helping Alfresco by providing ongoing software development, support and test engineering services. Since this product engineering partnership was established between Alfresco and Ness SES in 2014, Ness engineers have collaborated with Alfresco to utilize advanced testing techniques and extend the integration capabilities of Alfresco’s software platforms further.


Pete Rogers, a Ness senior vice president & general manager, said in a statement, “Like us, they’re working with leading-edge organizations that are making major progress in how they are transforming their businesses digitally. For Alfresco and its customers, the assurance of software quality and exceptional performance is of prime importance, and Ness SES is proud to help Alfresco achieve this vital and challenging goal.” 


Ness is supporting Alfresco with software development, support and test engineering services, all of which Alfresco’s on-going BPM/ECM integration efforts.