Bigstep Launches Easy-to-Use ‘Data Lake as a Service’ Optimized for Big Data

Big data as a service provider Bigstep just launched a ‘data lake as a service’ offering, the Full Metal Data Lake.  It looks to remove much of the cost, hassle and complexity of big data and data management at such explosive scale.

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Big data as a service provider Bigstep just launched a ‘data lake as a service’ offering, the Full Metal Data Lake.  It looks to remove much of the cost, hassle and complexity of big data and data management at such explosive scale.


Flaviu Radulescu, CEO of Bigstep noted one driver to launch its Full Metal Data Lake is to help today’s businesses that have access to infinite amounts of data, but can’t always get fast, easy, or cost effective ways to make sense of it. “The Full Metal Data Lake is engineered to deliver the highest possible performance so companies can quickly get powerful and actionable insights from their data, in just a few clicks,” he said in a statement.  


Bigstep’s website said that, thanks to the design of Full Metal Data Lake, there is “no need for overly expensive on-premise storage solutions that are difficult to scale and manage. No matter how large the dataset or what type of data [an organization] wants to collect, process and analyze, the Full Metal Data Lake is the go-to service for all big data use cases.”


Use cases for Bistep’s Data Lake as a Service include:

  • Data processing and ETL from any source in any app
  • Take in (and analyze) data streams – of any size
  • Scale out existing enterprise data warehouse
  • Build distributed microservices architectures for web-ready apps
  • Active cold data storage and backup for massive datasets
  • Run data science and machine learning on integrated datasets


To support these use cases, Bigstep’s Full Metal Data Lake includes these key features:

Enhanced data security in transit and at rest: All files are encrypted in order to ensure enterprise-grade data privacy standards are met. Data can be imported or exported via encrypted tunnels or SSL connections.


Ability to store any type of data: This includes structured data (notably this includes data from existing data warehouses), CRM and ERP data and a wide range of unstructured data -- clickstreams, social media, images, video, audio, machine data, sensor data, scanned documents. Data can be batch or continuously streamed, and it can be stored and processed in almost any application.


Easy integration with processing and analytics tools: It is compatible with HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and integrates with big data, business intelligence, and data science tools such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, most NoSQL databases (Couchbase, Cassandra, Redis), Elasticsearch, Solr search, Qlik, Tableau, R, and others. It is also compatible and can import or export data into most enterprise data warehouse solutions.


Flexible and predictable pricing: Customers using the Data Lake as a Service only pay for the capacity they use - 1GB of data costs about $0.025 per month, with no additional upload fees. For example, uploading a batch of 100GB of data for a quick project would only cost $2.5 for an entire month of storage.

The Bigstep Full Metal Data Lake is part of Bigstep’s Full Metal Cloud high-performance cloud specifically built for big data applications.  This is where it inherits so many customer benefits, according to Bigstep officials.


In a nutshell, Full Metal Cloud provides the power and privacy of bare metal with the flexibility of the cloud.  By running Hadoop, NoSQL DBs, search and analytics engines on Full Metal, Bigstep claims it can reach up to 500% better performance compared to virtualized public clouds.  Further, Bigstep’s Full Metal Cloud differs from virtualized public clouds by ensuring high throughput and low latency. This results in better performance so businesses can spend less resources and get more valuable intelligence.


Bigstep’s Full Metal Data Lake service looks to bringing all that brute power to what some IT and data professionals say can be a more approachable and targeted ‘data lake’ architecture.  The company designed its new service so it can be used ‘standalone’ (for use cases such as active data storage), or be integrated with on-premises infrastructure or other apps and services from Bigstep’s Full Metal Cloud platform.


Bigstep’s Daniela Irina Mustatea shared more insights into why data lakes are capturing the interest of many organizations in a recent blog post:

The data lake is a relative newcomer to the land of data storage, but it’s rapidly making a name for itself for several reasons. Data lakes are ideal for organizations that know big data is a huge part of their future, but haven’t yet defined how that will work. Data lakes don’t hamstring you like data warehouses and other data storage options tend to because you can store the data in its native format and leave it ‘au natural’ until you determine a use for it. With inexpensive cloud storage options, data lakes are also quite affordable to set up and maintain.

Readers can sign up for the Bigstep Full Metal Data Lake service here. The service can be activated instantly, and requires no configuration or minimum commitment.