Oracle BPM Suite Adds Lifecycle Features to Enhance Design, Testing and Operations

solutions. Oracle BPM Suite sports improved Business Process Composer design tools, support for in-flight Adaptive Case Management and new Process Accelerators. IDN speaks with Oracle vice president of product management Manoj Das.

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Manoj Das
vice president of
product management

"Now, Oracle BPM Suite’s Process Composer capabilities are significantly moving forward."

Oracle’s latest update to its BPM Suite simplifies the design and operation of business process solutions. Oracle BPM Suite adds improved Business Process Composer design tools, support for in-flight Adaptive Case Management and new Process Accelerators.

All told, Oracle BPM Suite updates add up to give business users greater control over their entire BPM lifecycles – from design, analysis, execution and monitoring, according to Oracle vice president of product management Manoj Das.

“Because Oracle BPM Suite is very unified product, we’ve been able to add features to support users throughout the BPM lifecycle.” Das said. Business users get improved process modeling capabilities, richer simulation, web forms design and a new process player, he said.

Business Process Composer designtime component of Oracle BPM Suite adds a “process player” that lets users view an interactive model of how their processes will work across all stakeholders. This provides a full modeling-to-execution view that allows business analysts to validate, test and playback the business process identically to the end user, ensuring that its design meets the business and customer needs, according to Das.   

“Now, Process Composer capabilities are significantly moving forward,” Das said. “Users can define the business objects and create the business rules and run and play the simulations and even go right to implementation,” he said. Process Composer now lets users take what Das called “a walk through” of their processes from end-to-end, see who gets what pieces of work, what forms are shown and what happens next.

These enhancements to its Process Composer design tools mean that Oracle BPM Suite provides user what Das called “a richer modeling experience that allows business analysts to do more self-service to validate and troubleshoot models.” 

In earlier versions of Oracle BPM Suite, business analysts would develop their models in Process Composer and hand it over to IT to complete those models before they could be tested, Das noted. 

Adaptive Case Management support is another major upgrade. By adding ACM, Oracle BPM Suite will empower users to better manage unstructured processes by providing ways to adapt or change processes to meet special situations, as needed. “Our support for [ACM] gives business workers a lot more flexibility, even an ‘ad hoc-ness’ for handling a case or an individual situation,” Das told IDN.

Example of where in-flight ACM flexibility would be helpful might include completing a task tied to a business’ valuable customer or a health care provider’s critically ill patient. “Rather than simply work with static models to create a process, BPM customers can now model and adapt their processes for more control and flexibility,” Das told IDN.

To understand just how business-critical ACM can be to BPM, Das suggests users can think of ACM as an “escape hatch” to their rigid and structured processes. These “escape hatches” let informed business users make smart adjustments for special circumstances, even in real-time as the process is underway.

“What’s important here, is that business users can make these adjustments in real-time or in-flight during the process, as needed to complete a task. Our approach also helps companies constrain those changes to ensure they comply with company policies,” Das added. “We’ve invested in ACM so that workers can use their structured processes as they always do, but have a way to make adjustments to handle special situations and yet maintain strict policies as required.” oraclebpm_1000

For quick response time, Oracle BPM Suite’s ACM capabilities are integrated with Oracle Real-Time Decisions.  

To speed BPM deployment for vertical industries, Oracle BPM Suite also adds new Process Accelerators for Financial Services Loan Origination, Business Account Opening, Public Sector Incident Reporting, and Employee On-Boarding. Oracle’s Process Accelerators are pre-built, best practice processes that simplify BPM projects and accelerate deployments. Process Accelerator artifacts are also easily configurable and reusable.
One Oracle BPM partner affirmed that the upgrades take BPM in a direction where customers want to go.

“Business-focused Process Composer and Adaptive Case Management capabilities shorten solution design time and enable us to deliver agile, enterprise-wide process improvements to our clients,” said Connie Cservenyak, Global Oracle Partner Executive for Capgemini, in a statement.