GreenBytes To Rollout Cloud-Enabled Virtual Desktop Appliance To Speed Performance

To meet the growing need to scale virtual desktops, GreenBytes is getting ready to ship a virtual appliance version of its IO Offload Engine.  The new vIO aims to make it easier for internal IT and service providers to expand virtual desktop deployments as business needs requires. The solution works with new and existing virtual desktop infrastructures and is cloud-enabled.

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greenbytes_02To meet the growing need to scale virtual desktops, GreenBytes is set to ship a virtual appliance version of its IO Offload Engine.  The new vIO virtual desktop storage appliance aims to make it easier for IT and service providers to expand virtual desktop performance and capacity as business needs requires.

GreenBytes vIO aims to let IT and service providers to support a vendor –agnostic ecosystem to support higher-performing, low-hassle VDI solutions

GreenBytes vIO, available March 1, will allow virtual desktop datastores to be moved to vIO, resolving inconsistent performance and peak-time usage congestion. It can present storage locally or externally via iSCSI or NFS in less than five minutes, offering persistent or non-persistent desktop images through their preferred desktop broker interface.

Under the covers, GreenBytes vIO leverages the company’s zero-latency inline de-duplication for virtual desktops that can perform at speeds and scale of conventional desktops with 97% less storage space required, according to GreenBytes CEO Steve O’Donnell.  Such high performance without lots of storage is made possible through integration with a PCIe-based flash card, local SSD or flash-based storage controller with a VMware ESXi host, he added. 

Integrated as an appliance (IO Offload Engine) or virtual storage appliance (vIO), the solution is easy to install and scales out in minutes, increasing performance, driving down costs and avoiding user interruption while protecting existing storage and infrastructure investments.

Designed from the ground up as a desktop virtualization solution, the GreenBytes vIO virtual appliance diverts OS and swap disk activity away from primary storage (SAN) to high-speed flash. This approach addresses poor user experience due to slow performance and latency, O’Donnell added.

The vIO can also be used to boost performance of existing virtual desktop infrastructures.

The vIO is cloud-scalable and can size to any desktop virtualization environment by deploying multiple vIO instances. A single vIO is designed to provide IO Offload for 100 or more persistent or non-persistent virtual desktops. For 1000+ virtual desktop deployments, customers can also utilize the pre-configured IO Offload Engine hardware appliance that supports up to 4500 persistent desktops over 10GbE iSCSI or 8 or 16Gb Fibre Channel.

One analyst gave GreenBytes’ virtual desktop storage appliance a thumbs-up. “Large-scale deployments of VDI are rare at best because users find VDI at scale is outrageously expensive and complex. GreenBytes’ vIO for VDI ends both of these issues, allowing VDI deployments to scale massively, easily, and ridiculously inexpensively,” Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, said in a statement.  He also noted vIO is quick to install. “No racking, stacking or cabling required, simply introduce the vIO virtual storage appliance to the desktop virtualization infrastructure, ent