Talend, Melissa Data Team on Enterprise-Class Data Quality, Information Governance

Talend, a provider of open source integration and MDM solutions, is partnering with Melissa Data to deliver enterprise-class data quality. Under the agreement, Talend Enterprise Data Quality will integrate with Melissa Data’s address and email validation and fraud detection features.  IDN speaks with Talend vice president Yves de Montcheuil.

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talend-melissadata-connector_1000Talend, a provider of open source integration and MDM solutions is partnering with Melissa Data to deliver enterprise-class data quality. Under the agreement, Talend Enterprise Data Quality will integrate with Melissa Data’s address and email validation and fraud detection features. 

The Talend/Melissa Data partnership brings together Talend’s data profiling, matching and cleansing technology with Melissa Data’s extensive address resolution, email validation and address enrichment (correction, geocoding, etc.) services, Yves de Montcheuil, Talend’s vice president of marketing, told IDN. 

“Our partnership with Melissa Data is primarily a technology partnership. Talend does not bundle Melissa Data’s capabilities, but calls them natively. It does not matter whether the Melissa Data is running on premises or as a service,” de Montcheuil said.

Architecturally, the technology partnership works this way: “There is a set of components for Melissa Data in the Talend tool palette. Users drag and drop these components to the workspace, connect the input and output, and setup the parameters of their Melissa Data account or local instance. These components work like all other Talend components. So yes, it just works and does not require specific training,” de Montcheuil added.

Melissa Data founder and president Ray Melissa described the need for the budding partnership with Talend. “Inaccurate, missing or outdated address information can have a tremendous negative impact on all communication processes and enterprise-wide activities for which address data is used,” Melissa said in a statement. Combining technologies from the two firms will help customers make sound business decisions guided by accurate data, he added. 

“An increasing topic we have seen is data services, which requires clean data. So, data quality is key.”

Yves de Montcheuil
vice president

The partnership comes as Talend’s customers continue to search for easy-to-deploy data quality solutions. “The majority of data cleansing and enrichments needs stem from data loading and consolidation projects (ETL for data warehousing, MDM, etc.). An increasing topic we have seen in 2012 is data services: expose data as a service, either internally or externally, which requires providing clean data, so data quality is key,” de Montcheuil said.  

One analyst also noted the Talend/Melissa Data partnership points to the growth of data quality as a way to deliver “information governance” to BI (business intelligence) and big data projects.

"As the focus on information governance continues to grow, data quality initiatives, including the need to validate key elements of customer data, are becoming bigger and more deeply embedded in operational systems and processes,” said Ted Friedman, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.
Talend also sees the emergence of an “information governance” discipline. “In the past decade, IT organizations have been focused primarily on the governance of their application assets and viewing data as a by-product of applications. This is changing, and a renewed focus in now brought upon information as a strategic asset for the enterprise. As an asset however, information needs to be managed and governed, so that it can be properly leveraged. The information governance lifecycle is a key focus for IT organizations and for Talend, de Montcheuil told IDN.  

Given the growing importance of data quality and information governance, Talend plans to extend support to other Melissa Data features with upcoming releases, de Montcheuil added. 

Talend Enterprise Data Quality is an enterprise data quality management solution that delivers data profiling, discovery, cleaning and enrichment, along with data migration and data synchronization. Melissa Data offers data integration components, multiplatform programming tools, cloud services, and comprehensive reference datasets that help customers verify, standardize, consolidate, enhance, and update contact data.