SmartBear Adds Test Automation for HTML5, Rich Media for Visual Studio 2012, .NET

SmartBear Software’s latest update brings devs continuous testing capabilities for next-gen desktop and web apps running HTML5, ASP.NET and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). TestComplete 9.1 supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, Windows 8 and IE 10. IDN speaks with SmartBear’s Goran Begic.

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testcomplete_03_1000_01SmartBear Software’s latest update brings devs continuous testing capabilities for next-gen desktop and web apps running HTML5, ASP.NET and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). TestComplete 9.1 supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, Windows 8 and IE 10.
“Modern web applications must function on multiple browsers and operating systems so dev teams need testing tools that offer tight integration with the .NET platform to make them more productive,” SmartBear’s senior product marketing manager Goran Begic, told IDN.


TestComplete 9.1 aligns its continuous testing and integration feature with advancements in the latest edition of the Microsoft Visual Studio platform. It lets devs automate functional testing of HTML5 web content similarly to how they test a Windows desktop or web applications, Begic added.


Begic listed these key benefits to the TestComplete 9.1 update:


Integration with the “build” process in Visual Studio. “TestComplete tests are integrated in Visual Studio test projects, and all Visual Studio integration capabilities are usually a couple of clicks away. There is no need for custom interfaces and integration points to be built and maintained,” Begic said.


Faster testing, troubleshooting. “Team Foundation Server (TFS) integration, together with project level integration reduces the time required for fixing of defects, which is typically the biggest time sink in a project,” Begic said. Failed tests can be associated with defects and work items in TFS. This lets devs access tests from within their environments without having to worry about the correct setup. This easy access ensures correct reproduction of scenarios that lead to unexpected behavior, he added.


Automation. Devs can automate filling out forms that use new Input types or conduct searches (of numbers, email, semantic elements) and verify the data.


“HTML5 for the desktop provides rich internet experience directly through browser implementations.”


Goran Begic
senior product marketing manager
SmartBear Software

Extended testing capabilities. Adds keyword testing framework, recording capabilities (based on object recognition), object recognition technology and broad support for third party libraries (including ComponentOne, Developer Express, Infragistics etc.).


Inside SmartBear’s Support for
Rich Media, HTML Desktop Devs
“We see a need for testing rich media content, scripts and logic, as well as style. This is multiplied by the number of platforms on which web applications need to be tested. That was really the motivation behind the development of cross-browser testing capabilities, where tests can be created in one browser and run on any other supported browser,” Begic said.
HTML5 testing is a clear and growing demand among devs, Begic added.


“We see a clear trend toward adoption of HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3 as a platform of choice for new projects. Web applications are required to run on different browsers, operating systems and hardware platforms, including mobile,” Begic told IDN. The recent HTML5 support joins existing support for Ajax, Java, ASP.NET, Silverlight and Flash/Flex. “As new web technologies gain adoption in the marketplace, we will support them as well,” Begic said.


That said, SmartBear’s support for HTML5 web applications does not currently extend to mobile apps, Begic added.   “At the moment we provide support for cross-browser testing on the desktop, and we have a roadmap for extension of this support to mobile platforms. Mobile is an integrated part of our web strategy, and it includes both applications running in browsers as well as mobile apps,” Begic said. 


He wouldn’t pinpoint when TestComplete will deliver on those mobile capabilities, except to say, “The speed with which we will transform the roadmap into product capabilities will largely depend on the needs of our users.”

Begic also put SmartBear’s desktop-centric focus on HTML5 by sharing some historical context.  “BHTML5 technology, while being very relevant for mobile development largely because of platforms such as PhoneGap, was originally aimed at serving desktop primarily. The advantage of HTML5 for the desktop was to provide rich internet experience for users directly through browser implementations,” Begic told IDN. 


In recent times, the mobile aspect of HTML5 has come to the forefront “because of lack of standard interoperable RIA options such as Flash or Silverlight across different mobile OSes,” he added.  TestComplete 9.1 is available immediately. More than one million developers, testers and operations professionals currently use SmartBear tools.