SOA Software Extends Reach of IBM’s WebSphere Registry and Repository

In early 2010, SOA Software will ship Policy Manager for IBM WebSphere Service Registry Repository to extend WSRR’s policy management and SOA governance capabilities to heterogeneous non-IBM platforms. The product comes as a result of a long-standing SOA governance partnership between SOA Software and IBM.

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SOA Software’s Policy Manager for IBM WSRR, based on SOA governance’s core policy Manager product, will offers IBM WSRR users a suite of SOA governance tools to all stakeholders through the SOA lifecycle -- service developers, consumer developers, architects, business stakeholders, IT operations, and security operations.  

Further, to ensure appropriate access to all these stakeholders Policy Manager uses a role-based security model, which controls service publishing, provisioning, approvals, and other security operations. 

IBM, SOA Execs To Hold Open Briefing on Jan 21
More information will be provided at a webinar on Jan. 21, 2010. Please register here.
During this webinar, executives from IBM and SOA Software will discuss many key features in Policy Manager for IBM WSRR will allow IBM WSRR users to extend their SOA governance, including.

  • SOA policy federation for WSRR
  •  Standards-based publication of WSRR-managed policies (via WS-Metadata Exchange and WS-Resource Transfer)
  •  Active contract management to manage relationships between consumers and providers
  • Ability to collect, process and distribute all monitoring data
  •  Closed-loop policy definition, implementation, enforcement and auditing for WSRR services

IBM Endorses Policy Manager for IBM WSRR
SOA Software’s support for extending WSRR-based SOA governance brings important values to these times of tight budgets increased need to maximize SOA investments, according to a top IBM executive. 

 “SOA Software's Policy Manager for IBM WSRR will complement our strong policy management capabilities helping our customers gain control of enterprise services and associated policies built with and running on any heterogeneous platforms,” said Angel Luis Diaz, Vice President of Product Management of Business Process Management and Connectivity at IBM. in a statement.

Dr. Angel Luis Diaz“By combining [SOA Software’s] solution with IBM’s comprehensive service visibility and governance solutions, customers are better able to broadly, flexibly and continuously automate and govern their business processes. Especially in today’s economic and hyper-competitive environment, this optimizes productivity and resources needed to achieve business agility,” Diaz added.

SOA Software’s Policy Manager can also integrate seamlessly with other SOA Software SOA governance offerings, including  Repository Manager, for comprehensive metadata management and development governance’ and Service Manager operational governance solution.

Policy Manager for IBM WSRR will start at $50,000 and will be available in Q1 2010.