Rackspace Hosting Launches New Cloud Options

Rackspace Hosting has launched a set of new products to help businesses move their IT applications into the cloud.  Offerings slated to be released by yearend include Rackspace Cloud Drive and Rackspace Server Backup. 

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Rackspace Hosting’s Rackspace Cloud Drive is a cloud-based, online file storage application that lets individuals and teams store, share, and backup files.  Rackspace Server Backup is a cloud-based, online server backup application that protects an enterprise’s file server data.

Putting new products in the cloud will help customers save money by spending less time maintaining basic IT systems, such as file servers and data backup software, so they can focus on their core competencies, a company official said.

4495_101143149413_101137454413_2665648_4306815_s“Most every business needs to send emails, share files, and backup data. But these systems are costly and complex to manage in-house,” said Pat Matthews, general manager, Rackspace Email & Apps, in a statement. “The cloud presents a great opportunity for businesses to save money and work smarter. We believe that we are helping our customers gain competitive advantage by putting these apps in the cloud.”

Other benefits to using Rackspace Cloud Drive include:

  • Access and manage data from inside and outside the office, without any additional hardware.
  •  Synchronize desktop folders with a cloud-based network drive across one or more computers.
  • Backup data to the Rackspace Cloud and restore data in case of hardware failure.
    Protect data with AES-256 encryption using a key controlled by the customer.

Rackspace Server Backup allows customers to:

  • Backup server data to Rackspace Cloud Files for peace of mind.
  • Manage data remotely using any Mac, Windows, or Linux PC.
  •  Protect server data with AES-256 encryption using a key controlled by the customer.