PrismTech OpenSplice Adds to Open Source SOA

PrismTech is bringing DDS support to Apache Camel with the release of its OpenSplice DDS Connector. Developed under a contract with MIT Lincoln Laboratory, the new connector to Apache Camel brings more Open Source SOA options to developers. 

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PrismTech is shipping a connector from its Open Source OpenSplice DDS  to Apache Camel. Developed as part of a contract from the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, the new OpenSplice DDS Connector for Apache Camel will simplify design and deployment of systems integration and SOA projects, company officials said.

Apache Camel is an Open Source integration framework based on popular enterprise integration patterns, allowing devs users to route, transform, filter and aggregate message flows across transports such as JMS, HTTP, REST, Web Services, XMPP.  With its latest connector for Apache Camel, PrismTech’s OpenSplice adds DDS (direct digital synthesis) to that list of options.


OpenSplice Provides These Mission-Critical Middleware Features:
  • Graphical Modeling and Code Generation Tools
  • Real-Time operating environment
  • Scalability from embedded to enterprise systems
  • Fault tolerant information availability
  • Run-time and remote monitoring tools
  • Professional Services, as needed

With PrimeTech OpenSplice, DDS applications can be integrated with other applications that don’t share the same information model, run on a different pub/sub technology, such as JMS, or require access from the web, according to Angelo Corsaro, CTO for PrismTech’s OpenSplice DDS.

“Many organizations and systems integrators are being faced with the challenge of integrating new and existing systems as well as exposing some of their information to web applications via technologies such as REST, WS-*, and XMPP,” said Angelo Corsaro, OpenSplice DDS CTO, PrismTech, in a statement. “The OpenSplice DDS Connector for Apache Camel simplifies this task by making it a deployment configuration exercise with no impact implications.” 

PrismTech said Apache Camel simplifies systems integration because it adapts message formats and allows information to go beyond the technology boundaries imposed by a specific transport.

The company said the integration of OpenSplice DDS into Apache Camel:

  • Simplifies the integration of new and existing DDS applications, and
  • Lets DDS data be exposed to an open-ended set of SOA and web technologies. 

OpenSplice DDS is particularly popular for demanding data distribution applications in vertical markets such as air traffic management, military systems, and low-latency financial trading systems, Corsano added.

OpenSplice DDS and Apache Camel are both available under Open Source licensing. Early access to the OpenSplice DDS Apache Camel Connector is available by e-mailing:

The OpenSplice DDS Apache Camel Connector will shortly be available for download from