HP To Sell iTKO LISA for Virtualized SOA, Apps Testing

HP will sell iTKO's LISA virtualized testing solution as part of HP's SOA and software quality and performance suite. HP execs said iTKO's LISA Virtualize product will speed the design-to-deploy cycle by boosting efficiency and reducing cost and complexity for end-to-end testing.

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HP will sell iTKO's LISA virtualized testing solution as part of its software and SOA quality management and performance suite, under an agreement between the two firms.

HP execs said iTKO's LISA Virtualize product will speed the design-to-deploy cycle for users by boosting efficiency and reducing cost and complexity for testing a wide variety of applications, and their dependencies.

Under terms of the reseller agreement, iTKO's LISA Virtualize product will be added to HP's suite of Quality and Performance Management solutions

iTKO's LISA Virtualize avoids constraints on testing resources by "virtualizing" or simulating, the dynamic behavior and performance conditions of downstream system dependencies. This allows tested applications to react and respond in a virtualized testing mode exactly as they would in the 'live' system. Further, with virtualization, functional and performance testing can continue without the delay of acquiring and accessing these frequently unavailable or cost prohibitive dependent resources.

"Bringing together HP…with iTKO's LISA virtualize software, customers can remove delay-causing system dependencies during their testing processes to reduce the time and cost of delivering today's complex applications," said Jonathan Rende, HP's Vice President and General Manager for Business Technology Optimization (BTO).

Inside iTKO LISA Virtualize:
How It Works, How It Delivers ROI

iTKO LISA will accelerate a company's application lifecycle by eliminating testing constraints that can be caused when resources are not available, difficult to schedule (or even don't exist) for testing, said iTKO's CEO Shridhar Mittal.

Benefits from LISA's virtualization technologies arise from testing highly complex applications, or those apps/services subject to frequent change, Mittal added. This profile maps strongly to the user profiles for HP's software quality and management offerings.

Cost reductions and ensuring software integrity are often the two key benefit areas for customers, Mittal added. In specific, iTKO's virtualization can lower test lab costs by up to 65%, shorten software release cycles by up to 38%, and has the ability to test with application dependencies across the enterprise, ensuring SLAs and lowering business risks, Mittal said.

iTKO LISA Virtualize is not simple 'hardware virtualization' which images a hard drive or an OS as a virtual machine. Rather, LISA virtualizes the end-to-end behavior of an application or a service - including all downstream dependent systems, services, data and components, even those resources that may not be under a team's control.

LISA accomplishes this comprehensive virtualization by capturing and modeling the target system's dynamic behavior and performance. With this full end-to-end model, LISA Virtualize can then allow the tested service or application to reacts and respond the same as the real production environment does. LISA creates these virtual models automatically in just a few hours, and once it's created you don't need the live system anymore.

iTKO's LISA product suite is optimized for distributed, multi-tier applications that leverage SOA, BPM, cloud computing, integration suites, and ESBs. iTKO customers include industry leaders such as eBay, American Airlines, Time Warner, Swiss Re, Level3, Bank of America and government agencies including the FAA and U.S. Department of Defense.

iTKO and HP are initially targeting sales in North America.