DSI dcLINK Validated for Oracle E-Business Suite 12

Data Systems International said it completed Oracle's required application and testing procedures to validate integration of its dcLINK 5.0 with Oracle E-Business Suite 12, which uses Oracle BPEL Process Manager.

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Oracle Corp. has validated Data Systems International's (DSI) dcLINK 5.0 integration to the Oracle E-Business Suite 12 through the Oracle Application Integration Architecture for Partners initiative (AIAP).

DSI said it completed the required application and testing procedures to validate the integration of dcLINK 5.0 with Oracle E-Business Suite 12, which uses Oracle BPEL Process Manager. Oracle BPEL Process Manager allows customers to adapt business processes with web services selected from the Oracle web services repository.

"We help companies cut costs and be more productive by extending enterprise functionality to the point of work," said John Adams, DSI's Senior Vice President Sales, in the statement.

The integration validation process of the Oracle PartnerNetwork AIAP helps ensure standards-based integration between Oracle enterprise applications suites and partner solutions, according to DSI. The process also helps ensure that the integration is functionally and technically sound, company said. Being validated verifies that dcLINK is well-documented, operates and performs as designed, and provides value to Oracle clients.

This SOA-enabled integration to Oracle BPEL Process Manager allows companies to adapt business processes to changing needs using standard Oracle web services and extends this agile functionality to the mobile worker.

"When Oracle partners use Oracle SOA Suite and the Oracle AIAP initiative for integration, our customers benefit from a validated integration that easily adapts to fit changing business requirements," said Mary Arbelaez, senior director, ISV Programs at Oracle, in a statement. DSI said it is a Global ISV and Certified Advantage Partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

DSI said companies around the world use dcLINK to accurately track inventory, assets, and time on the shop floor, in the warehouse, and in the field. dcLINK supports RFID, barcode, voice, mobile application and automated machine interface technology on a single platform.