Questetra Launches Online BPM Encyclopedia

Questetra Inc. has launched an online BPM Encyclopedia. Dubbed "," it is designed to support Business Process Management projects across 3 key aspects, business strategy, IT strategy and process design.

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The site also seeks to tie together BPM lifecycle aspects, including model, operate, monitor and optimize.

Questetra is a start-up BPM firm based in Kyoto, Japan, which looks to offer software and best practices to help companies using BPM create 'a business process platform' with which all workers in business can develop or revise the process they are engaged in appropriately," according to a company statement.

The Questetra BPM Suite can be downloaded from Questetra Store site at no charge, the company said.

To explain the rational behind, the company said that many BPM projects began as a SOX Compliance" effort, since such compliance often required a company to gain more visibility into its business processes. "However," the company added, "practicing BPM requires deep and broad understanding about corporate administration and is truly elusive." aims to bring that deeper understanding, and across company roles. The site's content is designed to help companies understand BPM by offering detailed
descriptions, figures, and references of BPM-related terms. Currently, there are 60 articles published to explain relevant terms. The site will soon offer some 100 BPM articles, touching on various BPM disciplines.

The site will soon offer sample business processes (at no charge) created based on the BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) global standard. is available in English and Japanese, with other languages planned.