Survey: Measuring ROI ‘Greatest’ Challenge for SOA Devs

Determining ROI or payback-for-business from SOA investments is the "greatest challenge" facing SOA developers, finds an Evans Data Corp. survey. Determining SOA's ROI is tougher than technical tasks such as identifying Web Services, testing and validating, the survey said.

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Determining ROI or payback-for-business from SOA investments is the "greatest challenge" facing SOA developers, finds a recent Evans Data Corp. survey.

According to Evans Data's SOA & Web Services Development Survey, conducted in September and October, some 20% of respondents said determining and measuring ROI was the most challenging aspect of a SOA project—more difficult than other top concerns, including: (a) identifying available Web Services, (b) testing and validation, or (c) time and costs.

"IT managers and professionals face the conundrum that true ROI of SOA-based projects is beyond the reach of IT and must be a shared responsibility with the business at large," said John Andrews, President and CEO of Evans Data Corp., in a statement. "Many of the early stage SOA projects delivered tactical IT cost savings but the real strategic ROI results from providing greater business agility through improved business processes resulting in cost consolidation or revenue generation or both."

Among other notable Evans Data survey findings:
  • Some 60% of companies outsource at least some of their SOA work to third parties.
  • Only 10% of companies outsource "more than half" of their SOA work.
  • Java developers working on SOA projects are more likely to be creating applications for outside clients.
  • NET developers working on SOA are more likely to be working on internal projects.
  • Microsoft and IBM are the two top companies getting developers' attention on SOA and Web services topics.

  • The survey also includes other insights and attitudes from SOA/Web Services developers. The SOA & Web Services Development Survey, abstract says the survey:

    [E]xamines the usage patterns, attitudes and concerns of developers concentrating their development efforts in the SOA and Web services space.

    The report examines: Plans for SOA, time spent on SOA projects, SOA Governance, Funding, Authority for Vetting and Approving SOA services, and more. Also included are; Demographics, CLR vs. JVM, Standards and Organizations, Security, Wireless Web Services, Languages being Used, Applications and Technologies, Tool Use, Projects and Budgets for Web Services. This comprehensive survey research report is a must for anyone who creating or marketing tools, platforms, or programs for developers involved with SOA or Web Services.

    For more information on Evans Data's SOA & Web Services Development Survey, click here. Info includes a Table of Contents and sample pages from the survey.