MuleSource Upgrades Open Source ESB for Enterprise SOA

MuleSource is shipping an upgrade to its enterprise-class open source Mule ESB. Mule 2.1 Enterprise, comes with new premium connectors for major enterprise packages, as well as support for the Mule RESTpack, and valuable retry policies designed for enterprise SOA deployments.

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"The release of Mule 2.1 represents a quantum leap in architectural improvements over the first generation of Mule, resulting in simplified development and deployment," said MuleSource Co-founder and CTO Ross Mason, in a statement. "With premium connectors, retry policies and the support for RESTful development, combined with other productivity tools, Mule 2.1 Enterprise enables true enterprise-class performance, stability and ease of use, and provides a strong foundation for future innovation."

Mule 2.1 Enterprise is available immediately to MuleSource subscription customers. Notable Mule 2.1 Enterprise features include:
  • Premium connectors—built for high performance and with enterprise-only features, fully certified and supported by MuleSource;
  • Premium JDBC Connector—support for advanced JDBC functions including batch and cursor mechanisms, resulting in over two orders of magnitude (150x) performance improvements for certain use cases;
  • WebSphere MQ Connector—bi-directional request-response messaging between WebSphere MQ and Mule JMS using native MQ point-to-point, as well as synchronous and asynchronous request-response communications using JMSReplyTo;
  • Mule RESTpack—now supported as part of the core Mule 2.1 Enterprise product, allows developers to create REST-style services, which form the basis for web-oriented architecture, using popular frameworks such as RESTlet and Jersey; and
  • Out-of-the-box retry policies—allows creation of self-healing connections, instructing Mule to attempt reconnection based on pre-defined policies, without the need for custom code.

  • Subscribers of Mule 2.1 Enterprise also have access to enterprise-only tools, including:

  • Mule 2.x migration tool—powerful command-line tool to automate the conversion of Mule 1.x configurations to Mule 2.x; and
  • Mule HQ—cross-platform management and monitoring tool that provides centralized monitoring and administration, event tracking and alerting, auto-discovery and configuration, and patch management/provisioning capabilities for Mule.

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