Web 2.0 Discussed at Social Media Strategies – Oct 29-30

Industry experts will converge at the Social Media Strategies Conference to offer insights and expertise on creating a social media strategy Oct 29-30 in San Francisco.

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WebGuild organizers position the conference as the premier event for CMOs, social media managers, online community managers as well as corporate communications, public relations marketing, advertising, and recruiting professionals The conference will focus on how organizations can leverage social media to achieve their business goals.

"Social media has become a key component of Web marketing," said Daya Baran, President, WebGuild. "The Social Media Strategies Conference will provide Web strategists with a blueprint to create an executable strategy that they can use to achieve their business goals."

WebGuild said social media technologies such as blogs, micro-blogging, wikis, podcasts, video, RSS, forums, social networks, online communities, and social bookmarking are increasingly being used companies to tackle several business and IT results:
  • Build brand visibility and equity
  • Gain insight into customers
  • Promote products and services
  • Influence communities
  • Increase Web site traffic and leads, and
  • Drive product innovation

    Conference attendees will hear from the experts about this cutting-edge space, how it affects their businesses, and how they can leverage it. The conference will feature a
    combination of hands-on workshops, interactive sessions, panel discussions, and keynotes from thought leaders, according to organizers.

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