IBM's WebSphere Smashed Industry SOA benchmark

IBM has announced a breakthrough in the implementation of Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) after a new server smashed a popular industry benchmark for performance by more than 33 percent.

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However, IBM has now announced that its WebSphere Application Server, a key building block for SOA, has outperformed the Oracle server in almost every aspect - in some cases smashing the previous best results.

In a series of thorough tests, WebSphere undertook more than 50 million transactions over the course of the benchmark's hour-long runtime.

The company claims that these benchmark results show that IBM is developing software that gives customers the "highest" level of performance, no matter what hardware the customer is running.

More than 9,000 independent software vendors write applications for the WebSphere product, providing a broad choice for customers.

In addition, IBM continues to build its community of two million WebSphere developers by providing them with the tools and resources to work on a broad range of platforms based on open standards.

Tom Rosamilia, general manager of IBM Application and Integration Middleware, said: "This benchmark delivers an unprecedented, high level of performance in a real-world customer environment.

"IBM has more than 100,000 WebSphere Application Server customers worldwide and these results confirm why IBM middleware is consistently chosen to power some of the world's largest and most demanding applications.

"WebSphere Application Server provides the SOA infrastructure to meet customer needs today and for the future."

With more than 700 patents since its initial deployment in 1998, WebSphere Application Server supports an unparalleled range of platforms and can be deployed on servers of any size, providing the flexible application infrastructure companies need for SOA.