NetGain Brings Web 2.0 Social Networking to Real Estate has added interactive social tools to its Web site, creating an international income property community. By introducing a Web 2.0 socialization program, NetGain has transformed its Web site into an interactive destination for users in 500 cities worldwide.

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A key Web 2.0 aspect is the social networking feature, allowing every page of every article to include interactive Q&A and commentary, as well as some other networking features to allow visitors to:

  • Access e-mail address books from their respective providers to redirect any article or Q&A
  • Direct NetGain material to their favorite Web sites with one click
  • Comment on NetGain content for others to see and respond to.
  • Direct NetGain content to voting sites and rate material with one click
  • Direct content to favorite social Web sites like Facebook with one click
  • Choose preferred format of NetGain content

  • "As NetGain has established itself as the top authority site for income property investment information, now a global investment community will also use the site for sharing experience and communicating with each other," the company said in a statement.

    NetGain said its global community will increase the amount of real-time information, generate interaction on investment topics, and create additional ways to get and share investment knowledge, the company said.