AlphaLogix' Tunes Tasica Reports for IBM Web 2.0 Portal

Alphalogix has released a Tasica Dynamic Reports 'Portlet Pack' to work with IBM WebSphere Portal reporting apps, allowing users to pull workflow data from multiple workflows into customized reports or dashboard metrics.

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Alphalogix Inc.'s Tasica Dynamic Reports will support IBM WebSphere Portal 6.1, the latest version of Big Blue's Web 2.0 portal technology, according to the company.

Tasica Dynamic Reports is a custom reporting application that pulls data from Tasica Forms Director. Using Tasica's highly graphical, drag and drop interface, designers can view specific workflows to create custom reports, the company said. The report's designer allows users with little or no IT training to use the point and click, drag and drop interface to create reports, thereby reducing reliance on IT departments and outsourced companies for large development projects.

The Tasica Dynamic Reports 'Portlet Pack' integrates the reporting application in IBM WebSphere Portal letting users work with their workflow, reporting and other applications from a single access point. This lets users pull workflow data from multiple workflows into customized reports or dashboard metrics. Organizations can then see how everyday business processes are running in real time, the company said.

"IBM has been superior at creating innovative and collaborative work environments that look toward the future of enterprise and web functionality," said Robert McCandless, CEO of Alphalogix, in a statement. "We look forward to working on extending WebSphere Portal's already powerful features with our Tasica workflow and reporting solutions."

Alphalogix also said its Tasica Forms Director business process automation tool will also support IBM's WebSphere Portal, allowing businesses to design simultaneous workflows with no coding. The tool avoids coding by using electronic forms authored in IBM Lotus Forms and data with business logic based decisions. Tasica Forms Director is the recipient of Lotus Advisor's Editors' Choice Award 2007 for "workflow" solution.

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