Report: SOA Market To Jump FourFold by 2014

A new report on the surging SOA market predicts that the size of the SOA infrastructure market will grow by more than fourfold over the next six years, to more than $9 billion.

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SOA markets at $2 billion in 2007 are expected to reach $9.1 billion by 2014, according to according to "Services Oriented Architecture SOA Infrastructure Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2008 to 2014," prepared by WinterGreen Research Inc.

Authors said the surge in SOA infrastructure growth will come as vendors create ways to help enterprises reduce the costs of running their IT departments by developing a more automated process from software and freeing the budgets for investment in flexible response to changing market conditions, the report said.

Enterprise IT departments use SOA to tie together the various assets and get more from their existing investments. Software infrastructure vendors need a strong middleware infrastructure as a fundamental underpinning to creating SOA that works, according to Research and Markets. The ability to create and support service enabled offerings depends on having a strong middleware offering.

The report also found that IBM controls almost twothirds of the SOA infrastructure market. With IBM at 64% of the SOA market, the rest of the pie is divided among 12 other companies, none of which has even 8% of the market,

The report also found IBM's SOA infrastructure success comes in large part due to 2 Big Blue propositions:

1 The ability of IBM's Websphere and other SOA infrastructure lines to achieve integration in a heterogeneous IT environment, and

2 IBM's ability to provide support services to give large enterprises the flexibility needed to operate a global enterprise, according to the report.

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