IBM and SAP Join Forces on SME-Focused Services

IBM and SAP have announced the latest in a long line of collaborative efforts aimed at making life easier for SME businesses, ranging from software, services, storage and hardware.

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IBM and SAP have announced the latest in a long line of collaborative efforts aimed at making life easier for businesses.

The companies have teamed up to repackage a number of their integrated business solutions for the small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) market. Three potential packages are being looked at, the firms stated.

Under the banner of their recently launched SAP Business All-in-One fast-start program, offerings such as IBM Power Systems, System X and BladeCenter servers, SAP Business All-in-One - as well as an optimized database and operating system - could now be made available to smaller businesses in a bid to help them reduce implementation times and the total cost of ownership.

The plans - revealed at SAP's customer conference and America's SAP Users' Group event - are aimed at bringing hardware, software and database solutions into one package.

Commenting on the proposals, Hans-Peter Klaey, president of Global SME and corporate officer at SAP, paid tribute to IBM servers, describing them as an "excellent platform for innovation" in emerging markets, based on open standards and cutting-edge development.

"The intended offering will provide midsize companies with faster access to integrated business and IT solutions that are easy to implement, competitively priced and optimized for each other," he continued, adding that he is confident that the collaboration will encourage uptake of integrated business solutions in the SME sector.

Customers will be able to select from a number of options when choosing their package. For example, they will have a choice of System x or BladeCenter servers with either IBM DB2 or SAP MaxDB with SAP Business All-in-One and Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

It is planned that the IBM I InstallOption will be incorporated for SAP and a preconfigured IBM Power Systems server will be available.

IBM offers a range of solutions targeted specifically at SMEs, from hardware and storage products to services such as managed hosting and email continuity.