Microsoft hints at Oslo initiative with StockTrader 2.0

Microsoft has released sample applications and tutorials to simplify design and development of SOA composite applications.

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Microsofts NET StockTrader 2.0 with Configuration Service 2.0 has been released as a glimpse into the companys Oslo development the corporations nextgeneration modeldriven SOA platform, Application Development Trends reports.

The new product, which is an enhanced version of the StockTrader development released last August, uses technologies which Microsoft officials stated could find their way into the finalised Oslo initiative.

Greg Leake, director of technical marketing in Microsofts connected systems division, said: This particular set of code will help shape what we see in Oslo.

It goes to the heart of how we think about our SOA infrastructure going forward.

Microsoft first revealed its Oslo initiative last fall, which it described as an effort to bring together its services and modeling platforms by letting developers create models that are the application rather than models that describe the application.