Lockheed Martin Debuts SOA-based Framework

Lockheed Martin brings a strong SOA flavor to its latest supply chain integration offering, the SmartChain 5.0. The framework is aimed at government and business B2B and logistics uses.

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Lockheed Martin has launched a new platform and application suite which enhances the performance, business processes and efficiency of supply chains for commercial and government customers.

The companys Savi business unit has developed Savi SmartChain 5.0, which leverages Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to provide frameworks for integrating real-time data into enterprise software systems, SOA World reports. After 18 months of development, the launch of the new product from Savi enhances its standing in the SOA industry, as well as allowing customers to transform data into actionable information - from bar codes, sensors or GPS systems. Automated alerts of supply chain events and exceptions can be automatically transmitted to the user in a highly secured environment through the internet, a cell phone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

David Shannon, senior vice president of Savi Technology, said: "Savi SmartChain enables our customers to extract significantly greater value from their supply chains - they will experience increased asset utilization, reduced supply chain inventories, and improved delivery reliability."

In related M&A news, Lockheed Martin also in April agreed to takeover Atlanta-based Eagle Group, which provides logistics and information technology to the Department of Defense. The aquisition could prove an opportunity for Lockheed to put Savis SOA offerings to internal use.