Google Apps proves SaaS is here to stay

The development of applications by Google proved that Software as a Service (SaaS) will last for a number of years, an updated report has concluded.

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A study by Burton Group found that the development of a web-native software application and operation of that technology can be adapted to a number of major uses and is in the industry "to stay".

However, the research warned enterprise and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) architects that they still need to be cautious when developing and using the technologies.

Guy Creese, vice president and research director for Burton, told "Weve gotten past the place where business people think SaaS is a passing fad."

But he warned that it is early days for Google Apps - which allows the online storage of data in a similar fashion to Microsoft Office - with small businesses and universities the target market at the moment.

Mr Creese said: "It isnt that Google Apps is a bad choice for everyone.

"Its just at the moment I would say its a choice that you need to wait to mature for larger enterprises."