Survey: SOA Budgets Average $1.4M in 2007

AMR Research says the average spending on a SOA project hit $1.4 million last year. The figure was released as part of AMR's "SOA Spending Report: 2007-2008," which surveyed IT executives in the U.S. Germany and even China.

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Survey respondents came from companies in manufacturing, retail, wholesale/distribution, telecom, and financial services, with 500-10K employees, AMR said AMR: Top SOA Motivators AMR also noted that respondents ranked reasons that drove their SOA spending. The top SOA drivers are:

To change investments faster, cheaper, and with less risk (22%), To meet requirements of individual projects (18%), and To reduce IT costs through reuse (17%). Other highlights from AMR’s SOA Spending report: 53% of companies had active SOA projects by the end of 2007 All geographic sectors (U.S., Germany and China) showed adoption growth rates of over 100%. 45% of SOA adopters reported spending over $500K on SOA software and services in 2007. For all the macro trends in SOA< the user survey also revealed some industry-specific trends, said AMR researchers. “SOA adoption and interest varied by industry in some surprising ways,” said Ian Finley, research director at AMR Research, in a statement. “Financial services, the top revenue vertical reported in vendor interviews, came in at the bottom in our SOA adoption tally. Upon further analysis, we discovered that while a smaller percentage of financial services companies have adopted SOA, those adopters are spending a great deal more on SOA than their peers in other industries. In other sectors, more of the industry has adopted SOA, but the average company spends a more modest amount.” For more on AMR’s SOA Spending Report 2007-2008.