Survey: 75% of Java Devs Looking at SOA

Three-fourths of enterprise Java devs are working on SOA, or soon plan to, says a survey of 500 Java devs. Almost one-third say they plan to connect C++ apps to SOAs. IDN looks at the research from CodeFutures, who provdies Service Data Object (SDO) software.

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More than three-fourths of enterprise Java devs are now working on (or plan to work on) SOA enterprise projects, according to a survey of 500 Java devs just released.

The survey also found than some 30% of Java devs want to connect legacy C++ applications to their SOA infrastructure.

IDN summarizes a few of the notable results, and at analysis from CodeFutures, a provider of Service Data Object (SDO) software who performed the survey.

Java Survey Results and Analysis

Survey Question: Are you currently using/planning to use Web Services/SOA technology in production?

Response: Yes - 76.5%

Analysis: The results confirm that Web Services/SOA technology is now fully mainstream and has widespread acceptance, even if it is not yet in widespread use. Using standards-based specifications for SOA provides huge cost savings in the long run compared with proprietary middleware like MOM.

Survey Question: Is your organization currently maintaining applications in C++ that you may wish to use in Web Services/SOA architectures?

Response: Yes: 30.1%

Analysis: This is an extraordinary percentage, but the question is "may wish" rather than a more definitive 'plan to use'. Interestingly, there were many that responded No to having development groups using C++ but yes to being interested in C++ Web Services. That seems to imply that legacy applications written in C++ are going to be maintained and used through Web Services. Good news for vendors of C++ Web Services technology. CodeFutures was interested in this question because the SDO API is available in both C++ and Java.

Other Notable Java Survey Results

The CodeFutures survey also revealed other recent Java dev trends, including:

  • More than 30% have scalability problems and 56% have performance problems due to bottlenecks;
  • More than 54% believe they have "high performance" requirements; and
  • About one third say they have IT groups in their organization using C++, and are using web services technology in conjunction with C++ development.

  • Readers can view the full CodeFutures survey posting at CodeFuture's corporate blog.