AJAX Tools Support Web 2.0, Open Source

A pair of AJAX-focused tools are now available to devs looking to work with Rich Client Apps (RIA) and other innovative, commercial-grade projects. IDN looks at Genuitec's MyEclipse and ClearNova's ThinkCap.

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A pair of AJAX-focused tools are now available to devs looking to work with Rich Client Apps (RIA) and other innovative, commercial-grade projects.

Inside Genuitec's MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench

Genuitec's MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 4.1 is an Eclipse-based comprehensive J2EE- and Web-development tool suite designed for enterprise devs, which includes AJAX and Web 2.0 support.

MyEclipse 4.1 integrates Spring, Hibernate and database technologies into a single intuitive solution. It also includes automated reverse engineering of Hibernate mapping specifications from any database schema, smart Hibernate mapping file editing, Spring-Hibernate synchronization and configuration, and generation of Plain Old Java Objects (POJO) and Data Access Objects (DAO), Maher Masri, president of Genuitec, said in a statement.

MyEclipse also supports UML, XML, HTML, Struts, JSF, JSPT, JavaScriptT, CSS, EJB and Tapestry,
With respect to Web 2.0, MyEclipse 4.1 offers:

  • Early access to MyEclipse Web 2.0 Tools Platform (W2TP) for lightweight Java Web applications;
  • Advanced drag-and-drop Rapid Application Development (RAD) features with near-zero hand coding;
  • Expanded UML and round-trip development modeling tools including improved sequence diagram support.

  • The MyEclipse 4.1 workbench is designed for use on Linux, Apple OS X and Windows and provides tools that permit system deployment into a broad range of infrastructures, including coverage of over 25 application servers and connectors to over 30 database systems.

    Inside ClearNova's Open Sourcing of ThinkCap

    Meanwhile, ClearNova will formerly Open Source its ThinkCap AJAX development environment this week, opening up availability of its Asynchronous Java and XML development platform. The company will maintain a dual-licensing strategy, releasing ThinkCap JX under the GNU GPL (General Public License) for noncommercial distribution, while continuing to make a commercial version available (for $2,000 per developer), ClearNova officials said.

    Like MyEclipse, ThinkCap JX combines AJAX development with J2EE and components from 25 Open Source projects. In particular, ThinkCap includes components from OpenRico, JUnit, log4J, JFreeChart, Apache Axis, Apache Commons, Castor, JEP, Jakarta, JavaTidy and Xerces, among others, the company said.

    The goal of all these components is to enable devs to build applications without having to master JavaScript. ThinkCap JX enables the use of Java on the server and JavaScript on the client, Byron Matheson, chief executive of ClearNova, said. ThinkCap also supports agile development.

    The GNU version of ThinkCap JX is available for download at www.thinkcap.org. Commercial ThinkCap JX Workbench is available as a subscription for $499 a year.