Survey: IT Pay Outlook Mixed for '06

Despite signs that new high-tech projects, such as SOA and web services, are gaining steam, salaries may have peaked for many IT professionals. Take a look at the Enterprise Systems 2005 IT Salary Survey, and see the signs it points to for '06.

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In part, the survey, which was based on responses from 1,170 IT sites, found: "[F]or IT line positions, the bumpy IT economy and continued pressure on IT budgets are still putting a damper on salaries." While appdev positions - both programming and management - have seen some upticks over the past several years, salaries may be showing a sign of peaking, the survey found.

"With all the hype and excitement around service-oriented architectures )SOA) and web services, these should be heady times for application development managers," the survey said. "But accelerated application development efforts may be tempered by increased outsourcing, as well as continuing tight IT budgets."

Among the findings:

  • Application Development manager — who plan, direct, and control all day-to-day application development functions — are earning base salaries of about $86,500, roughly a one percent dip from last year's survey. AD managers are projected to ear bonuses of about $6,900, down slightly from last year.

  • AD managers salaries have effectively plateaued in recent years, and bonuses have slipped.

  • AD manager salaries are strongest within the high-tech/software sector, averaging $102,000. Financial services followed (at $98,300), and AD managers in the services sector (at $93,000).

  • Those AD executives leading development efforts for business-to-consumer systems have the highest pay, averaging about $98,000. Those overseeing development within organization supporting supply chain management systems also receive larger-than average salaries — about $93,200.

  • AD programmers can expect to see salary growth up to 24 percent throughout his/her career. Salaries range between $74,000 at entry level to $98,400 for more than two decades' worth of experience.

    When looking at AD programmers by application area:

  • AD programmers in ERP shops received the highest base compensation, averaging $68,700 in annual base compensation.
  • AD programmers in business-to-business shops followed with $68,000.
  • By sector, programmer salaries are strongest within the retail/distribution sector, averaging $81,200 annually.
  • By development language, programmers in CICS and COBOL shops fare best, drawing average salaries of $72,100 and $70,200, respectively. VB programmers came in at $65,100, while Java was ranked at $63,500.

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