Borland 2006 Roadmap Eyes JBuilder for Eclipse

This week, Borland execs revealed a 12-month roadmap that includes a suite of new JBuilder products to be built on the Eclipse Open Source IDE, marking a notable shift from its long-term sole support of Sun's NetBeans IDE.

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Over the next 12 months, Borland plans to introduce two new JBuilder products that address what it called the "evolving needs of enterprise Java developers."

  • JBuilder 2006, expected to ship later this year, will add onto its growing list of team or collaboration features with new support for code sharing, joint views and debugging, all aimed at letting devs collaborate from anywhere.

  • By mid 2006, Borland will release the first of a line of tools built on the Eclipse Open Source IDE as its underlying integration framework.

    The first product, currently code-named "Peloton," will bring JBuilder's trademark usability, advanced collaboration features, ALM integrations and enterprise-class support to Eclipse, while still allowing developers to take advantage of all the flexibility of the open Eclipse platform and the growing ecosystem of Eclipse plug-ins.

    Beyond "Peloton," future versions of JBuilder will offer provide devs better real-time visibility into the impact of code changes across application tiers as well as projects.

    Borland's disclosure that they will ship a version of JBuilder (which now runs only with the NetBeans Open Source IDE) to run on Eclipse news follows Borland's decision last February to join the Eclipse Foundation.

    The shift to Eclipse reflects a change in the tools market, as well as the expectations that developers have for getting technologies that tie them more into broader aspects of the business, according to Borland execs.

    "It's not about simply providing the best editor, debugger or compiler anymore, it's about making developers more successful and valuable to the business," said Rob Cheng, Borland's director of developer solutions. "One of Borland's investments in development teams is making sure JBuilder is even better equipped in the future to serve those working in an increasingly complex, distributed and demanding business environment."

    For now, Borland execs say they have no plans to sunset the existing product.