Java Repository APIs Adopted in Open CMS

The first J2EE Content Management System to come with support the Java Content Repository API (JSR-170) is available for download and use. Magnolia 2.0's support of JSR-170 means that content from different systems can be easily combined or copied. Another key, magnolia is an Open Source Java CMS, freely available for download from Obinary, a Swiss-based development group.

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Swiss-based Obinary has released Magnolia 2.0, the first upgrade to its Open Content Management project. Magnolia 2.0 sporting what project members call a great combination of usability and optimization for J2EE.

The release of Magnolia 2.0 was announced in an open letter from Boris Kraft, member of the Magnolia Development Team. In his letter, Kraft said, Magnolia 2.0 is also the first CMS to support the Java Content Repository API (JSR-170).

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