50+ APIs Attack Document Integration

For Java shops knee-deep in document integration projects, Computhink's ViewWise Integration Document Management brings an API-rich Java SDK to document integration, compliance and security tasks. See how 50+ APIs and document sharing Best Practices can ease input, sharing, updating and archiving.

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Among topics covered in this article are:

  • A look at a new Java IDE for aimed specifically at easing document management projects.
  • Feature highlights for Computhink's latest ViewWise upgrade

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    by Integration Developer News staff

    For Java/J2EE architects and developers knee-deep in document-related projects relief may be imminent, as Computhink, a provider of Integrated Document Management (IDM) software to government agencies, brings a new J2EE SDK to its ViewWise upgrade (v 5.6).

    The ViewWise IDE assists with document creation and document management projects that need integration, compliance and secured access projects.

    In specific, it supports more than 50 published API function calls, enabling developers to build integrated document/workflow solutions while maintaining security and data integrity elements defined and enforced by the ViewWise security schema.

    • Automated Input Processor -- Enables the auto-filing and indexing of data and associated files from a wide range of external sources, including a variety of third-party capture applications such as AnyDoc and Readsoft;
    • Expanded E-mail Archiving -- Offers deeper integration with third-party e-mail management systems, such as GWAVA for GroupWise, including automated retention of e-mail, providing extensive search options while ensuring regulatory compliance;
    • E-mail Attachment Consolidation -- Provides the ability to combine single-page tiff or DjVu files into their respective multi-page formats and or compile them into PDF files;
    • Collaboration Tools -- Creates folder and document shortcuts, enabling simpler collaboration on project information. Docs can be stored in different ViewWise locations and linked via document references; and
    • Enhanced Check In/Out -- Gives developers access to an XML-based mini-viewer that can work offline or provide CD/DVD publishing. Finally,
    • Digital Signature Capture -- Next month, ViewWise will also gain extended DS support, providing a complete digital signature solution for the capture, encryption, storage and verification of Topaz biometric and forensic-quality electronic signatures at both the page and document level.
    ViewWise 5.6's upgrade is designed to simplify the data management process of all system data, file formats and maximize productivity through:
    • Granular Security -- Page-level and document-level data security and encryption;
    • Improved Scalability -- Support for Distributed Storage Servers, and distributed document transfer security;
    • Richer Integration -- "Direct Safe" capturing and indexing of documents from Microsoft Office and Novell GroupWise; and
    • Simpler Document Management -- New GUI-based interfaces that simplify managing and monitoring all ViewWise server functions (including the new Document Storage Server and ViewWise Indexer).

    ViewWise 5.6 now supports the latest security models and database releases, including ADS, NDS/eDirectory, MS SQL 2000 and Oracle 9I.