Sun Nixes NetBeans/Eclipse Marriage

Java devs hoping for a single, unified Open Source toolkit for working with web services got bad news this week, as execs from Sun's NetBeans and couldn't reach agreement on how to marry their technologies. One Sun exec said the Sun/Eclipse marriage didn't take place because the parties weren't able to set "common ground [for] mutual development."

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In a prepared statement, Joe Keller, VP for Marketing for Sun's Java Web Services and Development Platforms, said, "Sun has declined to join" citing the inability to find a "common ground that would allow an equitable share in mutual development."

The impasse turned out to be sizable, in fact. Keller added, "Sun will not pursue hybrid options such as merging with Sun and Eclipse held considerable good-will discussions and performed due diligence on this matter, and Sun's decision was not made lightly."

In the wake of that decision, Sun will continue to re-emphasize its work with NetBeans. The company said it would release a road map for NetBeans 4.0 later this month.