"Extranet" Web Services on the Rise in Europe

Developers, at least on the other side of the Atlantic, are aggressive in their use of web services technologies. Borland, in a survey released at its BorCon 2002 in London, found more than half of respondents were looking at web services to help with B2B, B2C, supply chain and remote employee access.

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Developers on the other side of the Atlantic are aggressive in their use of web services technologies, with many more sites than originally thought already looking to extranet and B2B applications.

The findings come out of Borland Software Corp's BorCon 2002 European conference, and reflect a survey of 100 high-level IT directors and developers attending the London event. The survey found companies using web services to link business applications and databases to other companies' systems via the Internet.

ComputerWire, a European computer publication reported the following from Chris Purrington, Borland's managing director: "Currently, the perception is that web services, whether based on .NET or the J2EE platform, have yet to break through the firewall. "The adoption of web services in Europe is more advanced than previously thought," he added.

The focus of all this "outside-the-firewall effort" is not surprising. Respondents said they want to improve: (1) customer service and (2) supply chain operations by providing more cost-effective ways for customers and partners to gain remote access to corporate assets. Other respondents also noted the importanxce of providing employees remote access to defined data and applications.

In technical specifics, more than half of all surveyed, (57 percent), reported they are using J2EE or Microsoft .NET. Perhaps most interestingly, 15 percent said they were using both J2EE and .NET technologies.