Making Webinar Invites Break Through

As webinars continue to become one of the major sources of lead generation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract qualified participants to these web events. More difficult because so many target IT execs are getting bombarded -- with two to five invites a week. See how your email invite can break through.

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As webinars continue to become one of the major sources of lead generation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract qualified participants to these web events.

More difficult because most IT execs are getting two to five webinar invitations a week, so your e-mail invite had better be targeted and the message very clear.

If you want to show better metrics, you had better think before you blast to these elusive IT execs. Because the best prospects will not waste much time trying to figure out what your webinar is all about. Take some time to design your invitation and keep a few rules in mind and you will get better results.

The number one rule for effective webinar invitations is to present the reader only one option - the option to proceed directly to the event registration page. Consider yourself very lucky if you get them to click just once, so make that one click count by sending them to your registration form. Once they arrive keep it simple and make sure you ask them for the e-mail first, and consider asking for only their e-mail, as you might have all their other contact info in your database already, right?

A few other Rules for effective invitations to keep in mind.

1. Present all the information they need right in the e-mail invitation, and don't make them go clicking around the net to figure out the Who, What and When of your grande event. Since the only click-through you offer them is to the registration page, ask yourself: What does your document need to have?

a. Who - Let the prospect know who is going to be presenting and provide a short bio and a photo so they that they can quickly see you are offering senior execs with some serious solutions.

b. What - Let your prospects know what your agenda is all about. Tell them straight up what they will learn in 200 words or less - so that you attract attendees who know what the event is about. You really only want to get informed registrants. Also show them an outline of the agenda. No one likes a hidden agenda.

c. When - Tell them the day and time once, repeat it and then let them know once more somewhere on your webinar invitation. And for those who register, send them a reminder e-mail note two to three hours before the event.

d. Forward to a friend? An old tool, but in this case an extremely helpful one, because if you find one interested person then this prospect might know where a second and perhaps more influential one is lurking; and if you find two registrants in one company that should send up a smoke signal for the sales team to make a sales call on such a organization.

2. Invitation Content Tips

As always, especially with authoritative IT guys, "Content is King."

a. The subject line is very important and sets the tone for an upfront no BS meeting. So start out with the words "Web Event" or "Webinar" followed by the problem you are solving and also your company name.

b. Best Practices Everyone in IT wants to see and hear more about what works. So deliver a customer who can demonstrate how your technology worked well for his company. Let your happy customer describe the challenges they faced, how the search for a solution progressed and how it was facilitated by your company.

c. Partner with bigger companies If your client is from a well known company then ask for permission to use their logo in the one page webinar invitation; everyone like to associate with big successful companies.

d. Tap the analysts If you can't get a client for every webinar, consider drafting a analyst/consultant who covers your technology sector.

3. List Selection

a. Cover both your current prospects, who are in your sales system, and outreach to new prospects by renting and testing a few new lists each time.

b. Measure the effectiveness of lists, new and old, by setting up a separate event registration pages for each list and keep track of how much traffic each registration page gets.

c. If you are not getting enough attendees - rent more qualified names to invite.

Finally the most important thing to remember is to show respect for their time and clicking fingers. Don't disrespect either and you will get better results.

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