Get the Most from JavaOne 2005

JavaOne 2005 could be one of the toughest -- or most exciting -- in years. Analysts say F2000 firms are asking hard questions about their Java/J2EE spending. Winning Java/J2EE firms will be those that can: (1) ease integration, (2) speed deployment, (3) improve security and management. See how to leverage the most from your JavaOne spending - at the show and for the rest of the year.

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This year's countdown to JavaOne 2005 may be one of the most pivotal in recent memory for Java users -- and marketers.

Analysts say business pressures and a wave of new technologies are facing the entire Java/J2EE community (CxOs, architects and developers) The result: Enterprise customers -- business and technical -- are asking tough questions about how, where (or even whether) they should use Java/J2EE moving forward.

At Integration Developer News, we've seen the results of these pressures first-hand among our readers.

In our most recent survey of Java and J2EE users, we found a majority of architects and senior developers are looking move away from being POJO (Plain Old Java Objects) generalists. Rather, they want to be "problem-solving" specialists -- with a Java/J2EE expertise.

Let me share a couple of telling statistics.

We asked Java/J2EE developers what types of enterprise projects they expected/wanted to focus on in the next 12-18 months. Here's what we found. Some of the areas are growing quite dramatically.

Data Integration
Web Services (XML)8%71%
Enterprise Wireless1%33%

Get Ahead of the Trends at JavaOne 2005

To help companies will next-gen offerings to get ahead of these trends, Integration Developer News is now making plans for our "Road To JavaOne" series, a collection of Exec/Architect/Developer Guides to the next-gen Java/J2EE opportunities. IDN offers "Road to JavaOne" sponsors a comprehensive package of three (3) types of messaging designed to tap all key members of the buy decision -- IT Exec, Architect and Senior Developer.

These guides will appear in our IDN newsletter, appear on our IDN website and be offered for syndication to some of the most popular Java-oriented print and online publications in the industry. Started in June 2002, Integration Developer News, has a circulation of 50K IT specialists with 2 important profiles -- (a) 40% of whom are Team Leaders, Architects CxO or above; and (b) 80% have attended a paid java event in the past 24 months.

The Road to JavaOne series includes these four (4) key elements:

  • 1. Thought-Leadership to IT Execs - An interview with a top sponsor executive, expressly designed to get your firm's business and technology message to execs in a way that most addresses their concerns and interest;

  • 2. Flexible Infrastructures for Architecture -A look at the how your product offerings smoothly deliver two key values for today's IT architects: (a) deep integration between business needs and technology stability; and (b) ease of use for your product;

  • 3. Business Value Tips for Java/J2EE Developers -- A "hands-on" look at your product demo and/or news announcement at JavaOne, with special focus to show technical readers how your product features fit into a "problem solving" content for senior Java/J2EE developers; and

  • 4. OnSite Promo-- JavaOne Attendee Guide - We also will include a JavaOne Fact Sheet in our IDN JavaOne Attendee Guide. This Fact Sheet, aimed to promote booth attendance and buzz for you at the event, will combine your best high-end exec and technology messaging. This Guide will be available online the week before the event, and have special distributed at IDN's booth on the show floor.

  • For more information on IDN's "Road To JavaOne" program, contact Tom Donoghue at