Mule ESB Pact Eyes ‘Integration’ as a Service

MuleSource, the provider of the Mule Open Source ESB, is joining Software-as-a-Service firm OpSource to offer enterprise IT on-demand integration service options.

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Under their partnership, MuleSource will be the 'integration-as-a-service' platform for OpSource, while the Mule ESB will use OpSource On-Demand to enable the ESB to scale deliver millions of services each day, 24x7, company execs said.

The firms described their 'integration as a service' proposition in a statement: "Integration challenges frequently plague companies who choose to offer their services via the on-demand model. Discovering that integration "in the cloud" is much more complex than behind the corporate firewall, businesses seek on-demand providers who can deliver SaaS in a stable on-demand delivery environment. As technology partners."

The new offering, MuleOnDemand allows enterprises to securely move and manage data inside and outside their organizations using Mule for data and services "integration in the cloud." MuleOnDemand, enabled by OpSource, lets businesses connect their existing services with third-party applications on the Web or with partner sites.

MuleSource CEO Dave Rosenberg says the new offering is just the latest expression of how core ESB patterns simply underscore and support any-to-any Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Rosenberg told
ADTmag earlier this month: "The ESB is just a topology for how you'd deploy a product like Mule, but our use cases are often about services, which is typically how you'd figure out an SOA," Rosenberg said. "But they also tend to be about things like JMS [Java Message Service] and various other data transport mechanisms. So we consider that really what we do is we move and manage data. And what an SOA does is it moves and manages data typically using services. [With MuleOnDemand], we're just shifting the paradigm outside the enterprise and putting it out into the cloud."