JackBe: 2007 Trends in Enterprise Ajax, REA

Last fall, JackBe launched a game-changing platform called Presto for how enterprise IT can add business-criticality to Ajax and rich client apps (RIA/REA). IDN speaks with JackBe execs John Crupi and Chris Warner about top 2007 trends for enterprise Ajax/REA.

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Last fall, JackBe Corp. launched a game-changing platform called Presto for how enterprise IT can business-criticality to Ajax and rich client apps (RIA/REA). IDN speaks with JackBe execs John Crupi and Chris Warner about top 2007 trends for enterprise Ajax/REA.

Betting Big on Enterprise Ajax
JackBe's Presto, was launched in October 2006, is a software platform that aims to help enterprise IT create SOA-ready rich client apps, that are governable and real-time capable. Apps built with Presto could support mashups, and messaging.

JackBe execs say enterprise Ajax and REA are a key facet in SOA investments. Because SOA spending is about better business agility, why not "put a face on SOA?by enabling rich client apps that can accelerate SOA benefits and ROI, and make such ROI easier to measure.

At the launch, JackBe CEO and co-founder Luis Derechin said this: "JackBe's Presto platform goes beyond current enterprise Web 2.0 technologies to help optimize and streamline the actual business activities, increasing the speed and accuracy of decision-making by business professionals.?

Now that we're into 2007, IDN gets an update on this vision from JackBe's John Crupi and Chris Warner.

Integration Developer News interview with
John Crupi,
Chief Technology Officer, JackBe Corp.
Chris Warner, Director of Marketing, JackBe Corp.

IDN: Could you highlight some enterprise Ajax and RIA trends you're watching for in 2007? How should developers/architects position themselves for these new opportunities?
Crupi: There are a few trends in 2007: Here are 5 we are watching.

1. Ajax will move from a snippet type technology to a respected full web-based application technology

2. Desktop Java UIs will take a major nose-dive. IT funds will shift to Ajax-based UIs

3. 2007 will be the year of bringing back Powerbuilder. But, it will be more like the Powerbuilder-Effect. The Intranet is replaced by the Web. The proprietary 4GL is replaced by standards-based JavaScript. The applications are lean, not fat. The applications can now seamlessly connect to loosely-coupled SOA services expressed as WSDL, REST and RSS. Not only will this provide a new class of Enterprise Web 2.0 applications, it will re-introduce the business developer. This is the developer that builds business applications by constructing applications from widgets, micro-apps and services.

4. Combining the reach of the Web and the interactive richness provided by Ajax, we will see an explosion in domain-centric portal-free portals. These are Web-based dynamic desktops that look like portals, but feel like applications. And most importantly don't require a portal server. This will be the beginning of the rapid demise of today's portal.

5. Developers/Architects need to get deeper understanding in Ajax, SOA and Security. Consumer Web 2.0 applications are relatively free of heavy security and governance. Enterprise Web 2.0 applications must have security and governance built in or enterprises won't touch them.
IDN: There has been a lot of talk about how RIA will interact with new infrastructure such as ESBs and SOAs. Can you provide give us a short customer example of this?
Warner: One customer, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is a perfect example of this trend. The use case is the [DIA's] Intelligence Analyst Dynamic Desktop for Real-time Intelligence Analytics

[Their] problem: Traditionally, analysts prepare a hard copy "Situation Report" outlining the impact a global event has on high value assets.

[The] solution: We developed a dynamic desktop to provide real-time views into Intelligence SOA services, based JackBe's Presto technology. Analysts are now able to do real-time analytics by getting a view directly into Intelligence and public databases, web services (REST and WSDL) and RSS feeds. Not only has this solution reduced the "Situational Report" creation time, it has given the analysts a powerful tool to interact with Intelligence assets over the secure Web in new and innovative ways.

QuickList: JackBe Presto's Enterprise Ajax Platform
JackBe's Presto REA platform brings these enterprise IT features to Ajax/RIA:
  • Service Governance: From identity, to network security, to functional entitlements;
  • Enterprise Mashup: An enterprise mashup server brings dynamic combination or 'mashup?of disparate SOA services to generate on-demand views that optimize business activity;
  • Reliability: From robust and secure Ajax messaging to scalable service gateways and dynamic service mashups;
  • Ajax Service Bus: To provide a highly scalable, secure and reliable bi-directional browser-to-server messaging with support for true push-based events and once-and-only-once message delivery.

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    John Crupi is JackBe's Chief Technology Officer, where he is entrusted with understanding market forces and business drivers to drive JackBe's technical vision and strategy. Previously, Crupi spent eight years with Sun Microsystems, serving as a Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Sun's Enterprise Web Services Practice. During that time he co-authored Core J2EE Patterns book. Crupi has 20 years experience in OO and enterprise distributed computing, and is a member of the 'Software Development Magazine's Dream Team?.