Oracle 10g To Boost Support, Status of PHP

Oracle is looking beyond Java options for enterprise developers, taking steps to let Oracle 10g architects and developers employ light-weight PHP scripting for database projects. Take a look at what's in store as Oracle and Zend, the creators of PHP, begin a very intimate partnership which will push the envelop of PHP-Java interop, and create more dev options for building Oracle apps

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Oracle is looking beyond Java options for enterprise developers, taking steps to let Oracle 10g architects and developers employ light-weight PHP scripting for database projects.

Later this summer, Oracle and Zend Corp., creators of PHP, will release Zend Core for Oracle, a package that will pre-bundle all the install code, client libraries and versioning needed to quickly begin working with Oracle from a PHP environment. Further, Oracle and Zend have developed a roadmap that calls for more co-development between PHP and Oracle's database, including enhancing Oracle extensions for PHP to add scalability, and updating Oracle's JDeveloper toolkit to allow better interop between Java and PHP, a

"Zend has been working with Oracle for sometime, and we know that 20% of our [PHP] customers work with Oracle database," Pamela Russos, Zend vice president told Integration Developer News. "So, now it's time to take the next step in our partnership."

The first result of the partnership will be Zend Core for Oracle is a fully tested and supported PHP 5 distribution that includes Oracle DB client libraries. Zend Core for Oracle will be a free download from the Oracle Technology Network in Q3.

For its part, Zend will offer support and updates for Zend Core for Oracle, which will be compatible with Zend's existing products such as Zend Platform and Zend Studio.

Zend Core for Oracle is designed to provide several key benefits, including:

  • Enables developers to get up and running in minutes with PHP and Oracle;
  • Stack pre-built for connecting to Oracle and PHP; and
  • Joint development on enhancing scalability of the Oracle extension for PHP

  • "We know that as the downloads are available now, many customers find that it's not that easy to get started using PHP, getting all their versions right and the client libraries aligned and so forth," Russos said. While she admits that Zend Core for Oracle "is not pushing any big technology envelops," the creation of an easy-to-use, one-stop bundle will help a lot of developers. "We've heard of some cases where [developers] were fighting with versions for a week or more, so this solution can take quite a bit of time and hassle out."

    Inside Zend Core for Oracle
    Because Zend Core for Oracle will include support for various Web servers and bundling a large variety of useful PHP extensions and third party libraries, application development can begin immediately, saving valuable time and eliminating the possibility of errors, Russos added.

    A closer look at these benefits/features in Zend Core for Oracle:

  • Certified PHP -- Thoroughly tested code and installs;
  • PHP Standard PHP -- Ensures your issues are not unique;
  • Ongoing Maintenance -- Bug and security Hot Fixes;
  • Online and Offline Updates -- Integrity checking and ease of update;
  • Instant PHP Setup -- Easy-to-install and configure;
  • Documentation -- PHP and Oracle documentation included; and
  • PHP Configuration Control -- Web-based management for controlling and optimizing of PHP configuration

    "Oracle continues to support the open source and PHP developer community by providing them with a robust and proven infrastructure for development with our industry leading technology products including Oracle Application Server and Oracle Database," said Christophe Job, vice president, Oracle Application Server Development, in a statement.

    One CTO who uses both Oracle and PHP likes the move. "The partnership between Zend and Oracle signifies true technological innovation for the PHP community," said Joe Fuller, CTO for Trader Electronic Media, owners of, one of the largest auto websites on the web. "Oracle's performance, combined with the web scripting resources of PHP's vast user community, make Oracle and PHP a great combination for us."

    In addition, Oracle, in partnership with Zend, has launched the PHP Developer Center on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN). The site features various technical resources for the PHP developer, including installation guides for PHP with Oracle Application Server and Oracle Database, an online forum and the Oracle JDeveloper 10g PHP extension.