Sun's Tools Signal Java Devs To Boost Output

If there's a message behind Sun's release of its latest enterprise Java software tools it's this: In 2005 Java/J2EE devs need to speed up their project delivery, and improve their code management and update skills. Integration Developer News takes a look Sun's new JSE 7 to help Java/J2EE devs better collaborate, and improve their use of UML modeling and otehr abstraction tools.

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If there's a message behind Sun's release of its latest enterprise Java software tools this: Sun believes in 2005 that Java/J2EE developers will need to speed up their delivery and improve their code management/update skills.

Just look at Sun's efforts in its Java Studio Enterprise 7 to ramp up tools to (1) make it easier for Java/J2EE devs to collaborate across the enterprise or even with outsourcers, (2) use modeling and abstraction to speed design and cut the cost for producing documentation, and (3) even make it easier for Java devs to diagnose and solve performance bottlenecks on already-deployed systems.

This "getting more from Java developers" theme is just picking up steam at Sun.

Computer Business Review reports that Sun execs confirm there are plans to add EJB abstractions to an upgrade to Sun's less complex Java Studio Creator toolkit (now in development and codenamed Thrasher). The goal is to provide capabilities to help non-J2EE devs conduct prelim EJB design and coding tasks aimed at code, data and application integration between front-ends and J2EE app servers. ( Read the CBR article.)

Inside Key JSE 7 "Dev Productivity" Features
IDN looks at the team collaboration and UML features in JSE 7.
  • Collaboration: Sun execs said the need for remote Java teams to better communicate with one another led to the addition of JSE 7's "Instant Developer Collaboration" features, which lets teams dynamically collaborate online and share different types of appdev information. JSE 7 offers two collaboration channels.

    Chat -- Team members can send text messages to one another in one of five formats: chat, plain text, Java code, HTML, or XML. JSE 7 automatically detects the message format and, in the case of code, displays the message, complete with syntax highlights and line numbers. In addition, the chat window is fully code-aware; code completion and unobtrusive Javadoc pop-up windows provide easy reference points for communicating ideas; and

    File sharing -- Team members can share and edit files. Participants can work on a file simultaneously; automatic locks on edited lines prevent the same part of a file from being updated at the same time. Consequently, from this channel, a team can cooperatively write code, fix bugs, and explore new ideas as if one keyboard serves all. Moreover, Java Studio Enterprise 7 keeps the shared files distinct from their originals, thus maintaining the safety of the code.

  • UML 2.0 support JSE 7 includes a variety of UML support, including new features designed to comply with upcoming UML 2.0 specs. The UML-complaint interfaces to diagrams, objects, attributes, and relationships makes for smart navigation and code manipulation., which enabled devs to work in three (3) modes: analysis, design, and implementation.

    Sun execs said JSE 7's UML features will enable devs to
      Generate source code from and incorporates code edits into the model (which ensures the resultant source matches the model in real time -- without having to manually mark or tag the source);
      Reverse-engineer code and create interaction diagrams that reflect the overall structure, for analysis, revisions, tests, or brainstorms;
      Design against a catalog of pre-defined patterns and templates, or create from-scratch design patterns and/or templates; and
      Ease documentation through the exporting of text and graphics to HTML editors which can transmit implementation details, properties, and relationships to your work group.

    JSE 7 also includes performance tuning, refactoring, and web applications framework support tools (including a Model-View-Controller design pattern that distinguishes an application's presentation logic from its business logic to assist in loosely coupled design).

    For more JSE 7 specs, go to Devs can also download JSE 7 free for 90 days.