ESB-CON: Due Diligence Day – Jan. 26, 2006

ESB-CON Due Diligence Day is a one-day online "Virtual Conference and Technology Showcase, scheduled for Thursday January 26, 2006. ESB-CON will, for the first time in one place, bring together all the top players in the ESB space to deliver their vision of how ESBs can transform SOA and Enterprise IT.

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ESB-CON Content Focus: Presenters will deliver a message that enables provide attendees answers to 2 key "due diligence" questions:
  • How do ESBs help me improve my legacy architecture?
  • How can ESBs help to ease the transition to web services and/or SOA?
  • ESB-CON "Virtual Conference" - How It Works: Virtual conferencing is the newest, most innovative and cost effective way of providing conference attendees, vendors and presenters, all of the advantages of attending a "Real World" conference, without the traditional costs and hassles of participant time and travel.

    ESB-CON Benefits: Attendees and exhibitors participating in ESB-CON will receive several important benefits:

    1. A cost-effective and powerful way to capture the attention of a wide range of ESB-interested IT execs;
    2. An independent, 3rd-party vehicle for meeting new prospects, which vendors then can follow-up with on an individual basis;
    3. Ongoing Worldwide Prospect captures - The ESB-CON presentations and booths remains live for six months until the next ESB-CON and will continue to track & report visitor information to your marketing team; and
    4. Provides attendees a "One stop shop" for the latest info on ESB and the companies that are working to define this technology.
    For more information on ESB-CON, contact Integration Developer News by emailing ESB-CON info.