Whitepapers That Get Read--
and Get Passed Around

In today's rapidly-changing tech environment, your Whitepaper Strategy should address all three groups of IT decisionkaers in a company: Executives, Architects and Developers. Learn how a role-based approach can slash your sales cycle time, and reduce pushback among all groups with purchase/buy-in authority.

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Research indicates that each of these 3 groups will hear and learn more about your solution if you speak to them in their own language. Offering tailored "Briefing Whitepapers" for each group is an effective strategy for IT companies whose success is dependent on buy-in/approvals from multiple levels within a target account. It also maximizes the ROI on any whitepaper.

Why Tailor "Briefing Whitepapers"
Failure to get "buy-in" from major IT decision-makers is often the most cited reason for why some promising sales just don't close. To get "buy-in," you need to answer the questions and concerns of each group.

Executives - They want to know the "business value" of your product, and need you to calculate -- and prove -- ROI. They don't want to see code or schematics.
Developers - They need to know you "have the goods," so they MUST have code samples, documentation, and such. They don't want to be pummeled with "business value" or the history of a particular problem -- without knowing that you have the code, and
Architects - They are often right in the middle, busily trying to build "business value" solutions while worrying that his new solutions will require a "forklift upgrade."

While every vendor says they need access to the Top Execs because they sign the check, many vendors in reality need buy-in from more than one of these groups. So, to speed up any sales momentum you might have at the Top Exec level, your Whitepaper Strategy should be adept enough to speak individually to each group and bring them
all to the same positive conclusion on your solution.

WhitePapers That Get Read - How it works!
Experienced EDN editors can build content or leverage your existing marketing and technical assets that will now speak individually to all three groups

For Executives - Using an abbreviated "Harvard Business Review" approach, we provide a short (2-4 page) summary, which includes:
(a) a look at the "business value" of your solution,
(b) the impact of not solving that problem on the "bottom line;"
(c) a demonstration the ROI -- via analyst or other customer comments; and
(d) and a short "executive briefing" of your technology approach.

For Architects - Using an "Architectural Digest" approach, we provide an overview (4 page) technical document to architects, managers and team leaders to demonstrate how your offering provides a solution to the growing problems these IT professionals face. Topics include:
(a) technical datapoints (deployment, compliance, management, etc.) that show your solution is not "disruptive" and not a "forklift upgrade" approach;
(b) data-verifiable ROI (where available), and that such ROI from your product/service is large and quantifiable from a small "tactical" investment infrastructure
(c) demonstrate how smart architecture choices can set the stage for continuous ROI from "flexible architecture" upgrades;
(d) blueprints and patterns - which highlight how your product is compliant with emerging architectural standards

For Developers - With a hands-on Hot Rod Magazine approach, we provide a technical paper (4 pages) that presents your technology as a viable option for seasoned developers, and one of those "hot" technologies with the biggest future.
(a) technical hands-on detail of how your product works (within the developer workbench);
(b) an overview look at the types of problems your technology can solve (which nails can your "hammer" pound)
(c ) a summary look at what other developers have accomplished with your tools/technology
(d) providing some sample code, sample patterns, a Best Practice, and links to developer resources/community.

So get ready for the Spring/Summer 2005 Offensive with some messaging that speaks to all three of these groups. If you want to jump start your marketing program, feel free to contact Tom Donoghue at tom@idevnews.com, Publisher of Integration Developer News and Open Enterprise Trends to learn more.