HP: Updating SOA Governance Services, Software

HP is kicking off 2008 with a major all-fronts upgrade to SOA Governance software, services and interop capabilities to drive easier and broader end-to-end design and deployment of SOA and SOA Governance.

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HP executives in framing these announcements talked to customer needs for more powerful and more efficient SOA deployments.

“Companies today are faced with the proliferation of SOA services, which can cause increased risk and costly disruption to the business. Organizations use SOA governance processes, policies and software to gain visibility and control of ad hoc services that do not meet compliance standards and business requirements or to enable the consistent reuse of business services throughout an enterprise,” said HP’s vice president Avrami Tzur in a statement.

Here’s a quick rundown of HP’s latest SOA Governance updates for software, services, and expansion of its Governance Interoperability Framework (GIF)

Upgraded HP SOA Governance Software
HP’s SOA Systinet upgrade improves its ability to deliver ‘design and run-time governance’ of SOA services in several ways.

  • New features will let devs proactively check services against policies through a new Eclipse-based policy validation plug-in, and help ensure services conform to business and IT requirements before they are published.
  • HP SOA Systinet adds improved GUI, reporting, customizable searching and expanded service lifecycle support. This ensures better enterprise-level SOA
  • HP SOA Systinet will also add tighter integration with HP SOA Manager, to improve service lifecycle management.
  • For ISVs, HP is adding an SOA Registry Foundation, to provide them a standards-based way to publish, categorize and discover SOA services and artifacts. The SOA Registry Foundation can be easily embedded with packaged applications and distributed solutions, HP said.

    Upgraded HP SOA Services
    HP also adds new services across the SOA Governance design time-to-runtime cycle, with offerings to help customers better more quickly validate, implement, deploy and check for performance and quality issues that will help companies reduce risk and maximize reuse of SOA services.

  • HP’s Validation Service for SOA Performance helps predict, measure and optimize performance of SOA applications and infrastructure.
  • HP’s Validation Service for SOA Quality establishes processes for managing the business risk of SOA-enabled services.
  • HP also introduced new services to install and configure HP SOA Systinet and HP SOA Manager to enable a quicker return on a customer’s software investment, and expanded its SOA education and training courses to help customers translate SOA concepts into effective, governable service-based solutions.

    Expanding HP’s Governance Interoperability Framework (GIF)
    And for those looking for better multi-vendor interop support for their Systinet-based end-to-end SOA design-to-deployment, HP’s GIF is gaining 10 new SOA partners -- many of them key names of enterprise architects. Announced GIF supporters include: Active Endpoints, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, JackBe, Layer7 Technologies, LogicLibary, Nexaweb, Oracle, Sonoa Systems and Vordel. GIF simplifies the exchange of information between HP SOA Systinet software, which acts as a system of record, and third-party technologies.

    Availability of HP’s GIF also gets expanded. HP also said it will make the GIF specifications publicly available at hp.com and Wikipedia.

    For more details on these HP SOA Governance upgrades.


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