BEA, IBM, Sonic, Sun To Appear at ESB-CON

Event organizers for ESB-CON: Due Diligence Day will bring together ESB leaders BEA Systems, IBM, Sonic Software and Sun Microsystems in a first-of-its-kind online ESB conference March 2. Experts will explore ESB plug-in architectures, product details, real-world use cases, and ways to use ESBs to move to SOA. Get details and register at no cost.

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Event organizers for ESB-CON: Due Diligence Day today announced that ESB vendors BEA Systems, IBM, Sonic Software and Sun Microsystems will be participating in the first ever online one-day conference on March 2.

During ESB-CON, these leading ESB vendors will answer "The 5 Tough ESB Questions," including:
  • What is each vendor's approach to an ESB architecture, and how does it plug into an existing enterprise infrastructure?
  • What ESB features are customers most benefiting from?
  • Which problems or tasks are ESBs best suited for? For what problems are ESBs not the best choice?
  • What skills or services do I need to get the most from my ESB project?
  • How can ESBs implement the transition to web services and/or SOA?

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    ESB-CON Due Diligence Day - March 2, 2006 - Free Online Conference

    Join leading ESB vendors BEA Systems, IBM, Sonic Software and Sun Microsystems as they address "The Tough ESB Questions" at ESB-CON -- a live, free online event. Attendees get a full-day of ESB straight-talk about Architectures, Use Cases, Most Popular Features, Designing Pilots, Product Details, and Roadmaps for SOA. Click here for details and no-cost registration.

    "ESBs have definitely emerged as an important enterprise integration technology," said ESB-CON program director Vance McCarthy. "But end users still want answers to real-world tough questions, such as 'Can ESBs easily plug-into their existing infrastructure?' and 'Exactly where can ESBs save them money and time?' ESB-CON is proud to have ESB's top experts gathered to answer these concerns."

    Inside the ESB-CON "Due Diligence" Agenda
    ESB-CON's will start with fast-paced, debate-like Keynote Panel where BEA Systems, IBM, Sonic Software and Sun Microsystems will all respond to the questions that IT execs want answered.

    Following the Keyoote Panel, all four ESB vendors present extensive drill-down sessions where the attendees get to ask their own questions. Registration to ESB-CON is free, viewable on the Internet and open to business executives, CIOs, architects and senior developers.

    If you would like to pose your own ESB questions to ESB-CON's experts, please email your questions to Vance McCarthy, ESB-CON program director.

    ESB-CON Free Registration

    Date: March 2, 2006

    Eastern: 12 Noon to 5 PM
    Pacific: 9 AM to 2 PM