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Title: BPM-CON - an Online Conference
Command and Control to Drive Profits & Decision Making
Speakers: IBM, Oracle, Progress Software
Date/Time: Archive Now Available

Attend Online and Learn
BPM-CON will show attendees how to plan, budget and launch an intelligent BPM system that can dramatically improve a company's agility, competitiveness and profitability.

Topics will include:

  • Overviews of the powerful new “Command and Control” capabilities of BPM
  • The ways “events” supercharge BPM’s ability to deliver visibility, agility and profits
  • Best ways to speed up measurable ROI, (automation, reuse, templates, etc.)
  • Using BPM to allow employees monitor, control and adjust workflows for more profits and customer satisfaction.
  • Help core enterprise systems “learn and adjust” for optimal decision-making.
  • Let business users make on-the-fly changes, and maintain governance  and compliance


Expert Presentations

Brian Safron
Program Director
WebSphere Business Rules and Events

Dan Tortorici

Director of BPM Product Marketing

Dr. M. Ketabchi

Chief Strategist