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2024 TRENDS:

Data Science & GenAI

Generative AI – LLM – RAG – AI Copilots – Vector Databases
AI & Open Source – Model Training – Data Science – AI Security

Title: AI Deployment Summit
Speakers: Databricks, SAP, Boomi, SingleStore, Software AG,
Appian, Red Hat,

Databricks Boomi Appian redhat
SAP Singlestore Software AG

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Expert Presentations


Breaking Down the Impact of AI on Application Development

Malcom Ross, Appian

Malcolm Ross

Senior VP of Product Strategy



The Path To Practical AI:
Connecting Data Is Where It All Starts

Ann Maya, Boomi

Ann Maya

EMEA, Chief Technology Officer



Gen AI Payoff in 2024:
Build & Deploy Production-Quality GenAI Apps

Oliver Chiu, DataBricks

Oliver Chiu

Head of Generative AI Marketing

Eric Peter, DataBricks

Eric Peter

Sr. Staff Product Manager

Red Hat

Getting the Most Out of AI
with Open Source and Kubernetes

Steven Huels, Red Hat

Steven Huels

VP & GM of AI Business, Product and Strategy

Sherard Griffin, Red Hat

Sherard Griffin

Sr. Director, OpenShift AI Engineering


Transform Every Aspect of Your Business with SAP Business AI

Ted Way, PhD, SAP

Ted Way, PhD

VP, Chief Product Officer,
SAP Business AI Product Engineering



How to Build Local LLM Apps
with Ollama and LangChain

Akmal Chaudhri, Singlestore

Akmal Chaudhri

Senior Technical Evangelist


Software AG

The Future of Secure Data
with AI + Cyber

Brenton House, Software AG

Brenton House

Vice President, Digital Evangelism

Rethinking Integration in the Age of AI

Paul Turner,

Paul Turner

Integration Strategist

Luke Smith,

Luke Smith

Sales Engineer

White Papers & Analyst Reports


2024 AI Outlook: Expert Advice on Navigating the AI Economy

Implementing Private AI: A Practical Guide

Appian AI Skill Designer - Infuse AI into Your Processes and Digital Experiences

Appian AI Process Automation


Boomi Platform

API Management in the Age of AI

A Practical Framework for the AI-Ready Enterprise


The Compact Guide to LLMs

Big Book of Data Warehousing and BI

Jump-Start AI Development: Architectures on Databricks

Connecting Data and AI - Empowering Data Engineers & Data Scientists for AI


IDC: Why Open Source AI Platforms Help Enterprise Business Transformation

Top Considerations for Building a Production-Ready AI/ML Environment


SAP Business AI - SAP's Strategy, Vision for Business AI

IDC: Maximizing the Value of ERP with AI

SAP AI in Finance: Leverage Embedded AI in SAP Business Applications

SAP Business AI: AI To Transform Every Part of Your Business


Vector Databases and AI Applications For Dummies

SingleStoreDB Cloud - Fully-Managed Cloud Database Service

Software AG

The Super iPaaS: A Revolution in AI-Enabled, Enterprise Integration

5 Roadblocks to Integration Productivity in a Hybrid Cloud World

Three Signs It’s Time to Embrace AI and Modernize Traditional iPaaS

Scaling Integration for Modern Workloads in the Age of AI